10 Best Alarm Clocks Of 2019

Waking up on time is the biggest challenge for most of us. Do you want something effective to wake up in the morning? We have tried the best Alarm clock so you don’t have to. 

We have tested the alarm clocks on their functionality, price, durability and wake up effectiveness. 

This Is A Compilation Of Top 10 Alarm Clocks That Are Most Effective In Waking You Up In The Morning. 

1. Sonic Alert Sbb500ss

Best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.
The product description (sonic Bomb and extra-loud) had me little worried and curious at the same time. It was the reason why I had to get this alarm clock and test it out myself. 

Be warned and do not make the mistake of setting up a wrong time like I did. It’s hard to fall back asleep once you have woken up to Sonic Alert or as they liked to call themselves ‘the bomb’. I was a little confused while setting up the Alarm time. Make sure to read the user manual if you have difficulty. To set up AM or PM, the display lights up for PM and remains unlit while setting alarm for AM. 

The clock gives you the option to set up two alarms at once, AL1 and AL2. If you are setting up two alarms for the same time, trust me there is no need. You will wake up on the first one, no matter how deep of a sleeper you are. 

The sellers made the claim to wake you up just with the vibration. The alarm clock comes with a vibrating disk that you can put under your pillow or mattress. It is supposed to wake you up without disturbing your roommates. To some extent it would work. If you switch off the “Buzz” (the alarm sound) and keep the “VIB” (vibration mode), your roommates wouldn’t be disturbed. But that’s nothing special, bedside alarm clocks don’t wake up your roomates in the next room either, unless they have super sensitive ears. 

The vibrations would wake up your partner though. Try keeping the vibrating disk under your pillow instead of under the mattress.

The vibration and the siren combined together is a deadly concoction. It will wake you up good. You will be up and alert. Your body will go into shock at least for the first week. I would recommend starting at the lowest intensity of the sound and vibration, then increase it through the weeks. You can also play with the combination of the sound and vibration to see what works best for you. 

Durability – Working great even after two weeks.  

Power – Needs battery to function for both the clock and vibrating device. Alternatively works with 220V adapters.

Product Warranty – 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty.

Price –  $32.50 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.3 out of 5 stars from 6,983 customers

2. Ihome Ibt29bc

Cool and versatile Alarm Clock

The reason for me to try out this alarm clock was its futuristic looks. If you are into aesthetics this one will be great for your bedside table. The device has some really practical features in it besides showing the time. I like to listen to calming music before going to sleep but keeping my phone by my side is very distracting. I end up wasting my time on the phone rather than getting sleep. With iHome you don’t need to keep your phone by your side. The iHome alarm clock works as a speaker device. You can connect the device to your phone with bluetooth or with an aux. You don’t have to worry about missing any calls as you can take calls with the device. It has a built-in good quality speaker and microphone. The clock supports two alarm times at once. However you can set many alarms as you like on your phone and it plays through the bluetooth connection. The built-in alarm sounds in the clock weren’t my favourite I would suggest you use your phone’s alarm instead of the built-in alarm clock.

The colorful lights in the clock create beautiful ambiance in a dark room. They are also very effective at waking you up. The speakers are high quality, the alarm sound is loud enough to wake you immediately. 

This device is a great way to keep your bedside table clean. It works as a great nightlight to go to the bathroom, the speakers are great to listen to music or white noise before you sleep, you can recieve calls, you can look at the time and wake up with the alarm clock. It pretty much does work of five devices. If you are like me and trying to keep your phone away when you go to sleep, buy this alarm clock. 

Durability – Pretty durable, made of good quality plastic. However, the lights can’t be removed if they get damaged.

Power – 2 CR2 batteries required. Batteries can be charged with the phone or an adapter. 

Product Warranty – No warranty mentioned by the manufacturer

Price –  $49.95 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4 out of 5 stars from 980 customers

3. Travelwey Led Digital Alarm Clock

Simple digital Alarm clock at a good price

The next item for review is Travelwey’s Digital clock. I was looking for a standard clock to include in this list for people who don’t want the headache to figuring out complicated instructions. After checking out several products I stumbled upon this one. I love the simplicity of this digital clock. The bright red leg light flashing the time is perfect at night, or in the morning. Our sleep hazy eyes are too unfocused to figure out small or dimly lit clocks.

The struggle to see the time in your phone early morning is real. This clock is a great gift for aged people. The alarm sound is loud enough to wake a dead person. The light of the LED is bright enough to be used as a nightlight. You can adjust the brightness if you find is too bright to sleep. Snooze button is right on top, just like a typical clock.

I would recommend it to everyone who wants a simple alarm clock at an affordable price. It comes in two colors I would suggest to get the black one, it looks much classier than the white.

Durability – Far durable than most digital alarm clock available in the market

Power – Runs on electricity. Although it has a battery backup for emergencies.

Product Warranty- No warranty mentioned by the manufacturer. Faulty item can be returned back to amazon. 

Price –  $19.97 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 4,156 customers

4. Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

Best way to wake up in the morning.

If you are looking for the best way to wake up in the morning this product is perfect. Personally, I am a fan of Light Alarm clocks. They wake you up with increasing intensity of light, mimicking the rising sun. Philips is a well known brand for home appliances. And although there are several brands who sell wake-up lights similar to this one, none of them have the brand value as this. Philips have a good customer service so, if you face any problem with the clock you can contact them. 

As far as the functioning of the clock is concerned there are several. It can be used as a night light, as a bedside lamp, as a wake light, as a simple clock, as an alarm, as a white noise generator for better sleep. I don’t think there is anything more you can ask from an alarm clock.

My favourite part of this clock was the wake-up light function. It lights up right before you are about to wake up and goes up in intensity. You can set the alarm sound as a soothing morphing sound with bird chirps and creek water sound. It’s a peaceful way to wake up. If I could change something then that would be the price point. And the complex buttons. I had a hard time figuring out how to set the alarm, the intensity of light and volume. Make sure to read the user manual for better understanding of the functions.

I recommend it to everyone who feel cranky after waking up. 

Durability – Philips brand value gives the best product. 

Power – Runs on electricity. USB charging available.

Product Warranty – 90 days No Hassle Money Back Guarantee from Philips.

Price –  $89.95 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4 out of 5 stars from 4,407 customers.

5. Dreamsky Dual Alarm Clocks

Best affordable digital alarm clock

In my search for affordable digital clocks I came to Dreamsky Clocks. My biggest reason to include the clock to this list was the easy interface. I hate having to go through user manuals for the simple act of setting up the alarm for the morning. The buttons at the back are pretty easy to handle, everything is printed clearly. To set up alarm 1, hold the button and set up time from the middle buttons. Same way, proceed with the alarm 2. Snooze button is standard, just press the top button and the alarm will be snoozed for 5 minute. 

The 5 inch screen for the time display has good visibility. You can see the time from across the room. Nightlight can be turned on during the night to look at the time. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the nightlight. The alarm sound grows in intensity if you let it ring. For a standard clock it’s pretty great. The clock is sturdy without a lot of moving parts. Operates on 3 AA standard batteries. Consumes very low energy, wouldn’t need battery replacement for three months. If you are looking for something basic that does the work of showing time and waking up in the morning, get the clock. 

Durability – The clock is made of good quality material.

Power – Runs on 3 AA batteries. 

Product Warranty – 90 days Money Back Guarantee, 365 day free replacement. 

Price –  $12.99 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4 out of 5 stars from 395 customers.

6. Famicozy Compact Alarm Clock

Best alarm clock for travelling

If you are thinking why you need an alarm clock to travel when you have your phone. I cannot insist enough how bad keeping your phone beside you is, while you sleep. The radiation are bad for you. You would be tempted to check notifications, one thing will lead to another and you will end up wasting long hours of your sleep time. Even Doctors recommend to keep your phone away while you sleep. 

This travel clock will help you see time at night. This sleek looking digital clock is great as a travel companion. You can slide it in your backpack easily. It hardly takes any space. I love that they took into consideration the customer’s feedback and removed all the extra functions and only kept the clock and alarm function. That’s all we really need from a travel clock.

The lightweight travel alarm clock is easy to set up, and be thrown in anywhere once you have closed it. It does not have fragile parts that you have to be careful with. The alarm sound is loud for the small size of the clock. The clock could have been a little bit cheaper through. 

Recommend it for people who are looking for simple travel clocks. 

Durability – Made of matt finished black plastic. Parts are strong enough to hold up for travelling.

Power – Runs on 2 AA batteries. 

Product Warranty – 1 year warranty

Price –  $11.99 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.5 out of 5 stars from 67 customers.

7. Marathon Cl030053gd Alarm Clock

A silent clock you have always wanted

I love a good old traditional clock. They look so much better than digital clock. They are just more satisfying to see beside your bed. My grandmother loves this clock. She has an easier time tracking a traditional clock than a digital one.

The great thing about this clock is the silent way it works. One of the reasons I keep digital clock by my side even though I like the look of a traditional clock better is because of the tick tock sound. They drive me insane. My apartment is really quiet at night and the ticking sound just adds to the haunting atmosphere. I simply hate it.

This clock, however, was perfect. It holds the aesthetics of a traditional clock while making no noise at all. I gifted the clock to my grandmother and she loves it. She loves that the clock automatically lights up at night and she can see the time easily. 

As far the alarm function is considered the alarm isn’t phenomenal. It’s standard and workable. I put it to snooze and when off to sleep the few days I used it. Not alarms fault, but it could have been more effective at waking me up. Comes in several colours, I loved the black one. It’s just a personal preference you can get anyone you like. 

Durability – Made of matt finished plastic. Parts are strong enough to hold up for travelling.

Power – Runs on 2 AA batteries. 

Product Warranty –  No warranty by the manufacturers.

Price –  $24.95 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.6 out of 5 stars from 676 customers.

8. Dreamsky Digital Alarm Clock

Best Standard Digital clock with radio function

If you are looking for something along the line of standard digital clocks with bold numbers then this one will work great from you. The big letters are easy to see even when you are sleepy and far from the clock. You can set up Alarm sound as the usual buzz sound or the FM radio playing in the morning.

You can play radio before going to sleep, the timer lets you set a time for the FM to turn off on itself. I didn’t use this clock for a long time but the time I used it for, I found it pretty good. The digital numbers remains lit up when you click the button beside the display screen. If you find the light too distracting you can dim the light. 

The indoor temperature function is cool but not required. There are two USB ports one supply electricity to the clock and other to charge your phone. It’s a good function for people who like to keep their phone beside them at night, I don’t. 

Power – You need to connect the clock to the mains. Battery backup is available. It can run on 3 AA batteries but they are included with the clock.

Product Warranty –  No warranty mentioned by the manufacturers.

Price –  $24.99 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.1 out of 5 stars from 1,395 customers.

9. Littlehippo Children’s Alarm Clock

Best alarm clock for kids

This cute little alarm clock looks great on your kid’s room. The traditional circular shape with the digital number display works great for kids. Keeping a clock in kid’s room instills punctuality in them. I let gifted this to my niece and she loved it. She loved the smiley face of the clock.

If your kids are young, they probably don’t understand time.The face on the clock is a great way to make them understand when it’s sleep time and when it’s okay to wake up. The calm rim light along the clock works great as a nightlight but kids don’t usually wake up at night. So, You can keep the rim light switched off. If you have an infant, you can play the white noise on the clock to promote better sleep.

Another thing that will make you happy as a parent is the fact that this is a kid friendly clock. It is FCC, CE, RoHS, CA65, REACH and CPSIA approved. 

Durability – it’s not a cheap product at all. Made of highest quality plastic. Great as a gift for kid.

Power – Works of power outlet. Comes with a battery backup, free batteries available in the pack.

Product Warranty – 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price –  $47.49 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 1,928 customers.

10. Sonic Alert Sb200ss Alarm Clock

Best Alarm clock for hearing Impared

Sonic Alert was one of the first Alarm clocks I reviewed. I loved the clock but I needed something more compact. This clock has less functions but nothing is significantly different. I loved the shape and overall feel of the Sonic Alert SBB500SS but I like the compact size of this.

You can change the intensity of the light on the digital display, you can change the intensity of the sound of the Alarm. And by the way, the alarm sound is pretty loud just like the first clock I reviewed. The bed shaker is one of the things I like about this clock. I probably wouldn’t use the bed shaker but it will work great for the hearing impared.

The vibrated are strong enough to wake you up. For the price point it’s a good product.

Durability – Solid structure, great for travelling with.

Power – Runs on batteries that can be charged with adapters. 

Product Warranty – 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price –  $41 (subject to change)

Customer Review – 4.2 out of 5 stars from 1,646 customers.

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