7 Best Sleep Apps To Help You Sleep Better

Sleep must be the most important aspect of modern day life. It the thing people are having problems with the most. With decreasing physical activity and increasing mental strain, sleep has become a popular topic among many.

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can lead to medical problems such as obesity, heart diseases, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, immature aging, feeling tired, depression, diabetes, stroke, Kidney Disease and many more. 

People who get enough sleep to be more alert and get things done more efficiently. Good sleep can help you to increase your metabolism rate. It helps you to reduce your calorie intake and eventually regulate your weight.

Tracking your sleep cycle can help you to make sure you are getting enough sleep everyday. It decreases the likelihood of getting sleep related health issues. A healthy human should sleep at least 7 hours a day. 

Today We Will Talk About 7 Apps That Can Help You Sleep Better

1. Sleepytime

a bedtime calculator app is a very simple app with 2.6 MB download size. When you tell the app the time you are going to sleep it will tell you the time to wake up. The app calculates the alarm time so you get adequate sleep. Waking up according to the time provided by the app helps you to avoid sleep deprivation and the health issues that come with it.  You can also determine the time to go to bed to go proper sleep with the help of this app. 

Waking up at the wrong time and forcing yourself to leave the bed can actually be very detrimental to your health. It makes you feel very tired in the morning. 

With this app you can make sure that you’re sleeping adequately everyday. You can upgrade to No add in the paid version.

2. Sleep As Android

This app works on your phones sensors to study your sleep pattern. You will have to keep it right beside your mattress during the duration of your sleep. It tells you if there is a deficit in your sleep. It also tracks the percentage of time you have been into deep sleep. It notes down snoring activity and sleep talking. This app will give you a full report of efficiency and irregularity of your sleep. 

This app can create a graph of your sleep records. You can analyse your own sleeping patterns and make changes accordingly

The app has binaural tones to help you fall asleep at night. The sounds include whale sounds. Stormy night sound and gentle breeze. You can use the app as an alarm clock to wake up gently to the sound of birds or Sea Storm. 

To switch off alarm you have to solve a math problem or scan bathroom QR code or NFC tag to stop the alarm clock. These features helps to wake you up completely.

Use this sleep cycle tracking app for free for two weeks, the paid version is quite cheap.

3. Runtastic Sleep Better

This app not only helps to track your sleep cycles but also various other factors that influence your sleep cycle. With the features such as sleep timer you can track all the phases of you sleep and the time you spend on each of those phases. It will track the time you spend awake on your bed. It can give you analysis of effect of caffeine, alcohol or other beverages on your sleep.  It will provide you information on how physical activities throughout the day aids your sleep.You can and study the various factors that can influence your sleep cycle and change them accordingly.

You can keep a dream diary with this app and write down your dreams, also your moods when you wake up.

In the paid version you can also use a smart alarm clock that helps to wake you up with nature sounds.

4. Sleepio App

Sleepio app is a sound generator that helps you sleep better. Stable frequency sounds such as rainfall, fire crackle, creek water and some musical instruments can help you sleep better. It can help you focus on sleeping than stressing over other things. The sounds are Binaural. They can help you sleep better as they absorb distracting noises such as loud neighbours, pets, roommates snoring etc. The app also helps babies to stay asleep longer. 

It can help you sleep by absorbing distracting noise.  This app is free. The sounds are all HD quality. The sounds can be played on good quality speakers for best experience. You can mix and match different kinds of sounds to see which one you like the best. You can set up timer for how long the sounds will play. It’s a simple app without many functions. Good for everyone wanting sleep sounds.

5. Sleep Cycle

This is another app that tracks your sleep cycle from your bedtime till morning. You can analyse in detail sleep pattern in detail. This app can help you achieve the optimum amount of sleep each day. The smart lock wakes you up with gentle wake up alarm sounds in a natural way.  You can keep your phone by your night stand or the floor beside your head. The phone automatically tracks the stages of your sleep and analyses it.

This app will give you the correct time to wake up. It tells you the time you need to sleep. Analyse your current sleeping patterns.

The premium features has sleep data from all over the world. Statistics that you can compare with your sleeping patterns. It will suggest you sleep tips to help you sleep faster. It will secure you sleep data in the cloud so you don’t lose your sleep data ever. You can access it whenever you want, you can export you sleep data to an excel file for detailed analysis in the premium account.

6. Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep

This is another relaxing simple interface app which has high sound quality nature sounds. The sounds include thunder, Ocean sounds, sea bird sounds, rain, night in a Jungle, water sounds, waterfall, nature. You can play the songs before going to sleep. You can set these sounds as your alarm sounds to wake you up gently. The sounds are soothing and relaxing is your brain into peace. They not only help you to fall asleep, they also help you to wake up in a natural way. It is a free app you can do in-app purchases for additional sounds

7. Fabulous Self Care

Not essentially a sleep app. It is more like a lifestyle and habit builder app. This app can help you to schedule your sleep and be energetic in the morning. It helps you to improve your fitness and achieve your weight loss goals, get a proper sleep cycle, reduce anxiety, encourage mindfulness. This is a great way to include good habits in your life including waking up early, going to sleep at the right time, sleeping for adequate amount of time and eating healthy. Instilling good habits such as meditation and proper exercising and healthy diet are some of the things this app helps you with. This app is great when you are trying to make lifestyle changes.

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