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What We Will Share 

Sleep Advise is a blog that was born with the idea to promote a healthy lifestyle among individuals by raising awareness about a good nights sleep. The value of a good nights sleep is getting depreciating in our fast-paced world.  But sleep deprivation is a serious global health issue throughout the world. Sleep deprivation is a slow ticking bomb responsible for low immunity and rising cancer cases throughout the globe.  We will discuss all the benefits of a good night sleep as well as health hazards that sleep deprivation bring with it. And we will discuss tips to overcome different sleeping problems like insomnia.
Many of us have consciously chosen a lifestyle with less sleeping hours with the belief that less sleep means more work. However it’s a wrong assumption. In fact,  all successful people have a proper sleep routine. We will break these myths on our upcoming blog posts.  And we will also share some productivity tips through a good nights sleep.


Many of us while away our time on Netflix and gaming. Some professionals are bound by their duty to be awake at night. We also post regular tips to help them.

Our mission 

As a blog,  our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by creating awareness of the importance of a good nights sleep.

How We Make Money 

We will also post reviews on different kind of blankets, mattresses, gadgets and other items that will help in getting a good sleep. If you buy from these links we will get a commission that will help to continue our mission of raising awareness about sleep. We will never promote stuff which is unhealthy or detrimental to the well-being of an individual.

We thus request our readers to help us by buying stuff from our links.

Our core values

We have set our  core values to be the following  – Health, Optimism,  Cheerfulness,  Excellence and Knowledge.

Our Team

Moinuddin Gholam

Moinuddin Gholam

Founder of Market Kreative

Moinuddin Gholam is the brain and soul behind Sleep Advise.  Founder of Market Kreative, he is passionate about enjoying simple things in life and a good nights sleep tops his list.  An insomniac not long ago,  Moinuddin has taken multiple courses on sleep and is now a full time sleep evangelist. 

Azhar Uddin Khan

Azhar Uddin Khan

Azhar Uddin Khan is the pillar of sleep advise.  He is the contact person for any query you have regarding sleep advise. You can reach out to him at

Be Our Volunteer

We have a team of volunteers including medical practitioners who share the same passion about promoting sleep.  If you wish to join our team and volunteer, please write to us as to how you can contribute to

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