Anti Snoring Device Set: Is It Worth It?

Anti Snoring Device Set: Is It Worth It?

Do you know, one out of five people suffer from snoring? Believe me or not, that’s a big number. If you live alone you wouldn’t even know you snore, as it happens in deep sleep when your body is most relaxed. 

What Makes A Good Cpap Device?

CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device helps people suffering from sleep apnea to sleep better. There are several CPAP devices available in the market. 

  1. CPAP Machine – A CPAP machine blows pressurised air in your airway. It may leave your mouth dry and sore and nose stuffy. This one will cost more than it cures.
  2. Nasal Pillow – It’s kind of plug on your nose, which puts a constant pressure of air on your nostrils. This device may be very uncomfortable for some. Again costs pretty high.
  3. Chin Strap –It’s a strap that goes around your neck and head to support your jaw and keep your mouth closed at night. It pushes your jaw up, so you don’t keep it open at night. A closed mouth helps in better breathing through the nose reducing snoring. If you get dry mouth and a hard time keeping your mouth closed at night chin strap is the best option. It works for people whose snoring is caused used open slack mouth in sleep. It may not work for everyone. For them, an anti snore tongue capsule is a better option.
  4. Tongue Stabilizing Device – This device keeps your tongue away from your airway. It’s a non-invasive CPAP device. A tongue sleeve also is known as TSD (Tongue stabilizing device) made for your tongue which keeps your tongue away from your airway. 

You put your tongue inside the sleeve squeeze is gentle with your teeth and pressure seal your tongue inside. It goes behind your lips and stays there firmly throughout the night. 

It keeps your tongue from falling backwards and constricting your airway. It is made of silicon which is an FDA approved food-safe material. It is large and sits outside your mouth so there is no danger of swallowing it.  This one is an effective and cheap option.

About The Product 

Kevil JSC 2PSC Anti Snore Chin Strap and Stop Snoring Silicon Tongue Anti Snoring Device Set Sleep Aid CPAP

This product comes in a set of two products 1. A Chin Strap and 2. A Stop snoring Silicon Tongue (TSD).

1. The Chinstrap 

Fitting– What makes it different from chin straps available in the market is the adjustability. Chin straps available in the markets are usually too stretchable or not stretchable at all which is not good to hold your chin in place when you’re in deep sleep. If you are someone who tosses and turns in his/her sleep, unlike others straps it won’t move from its place while being completely comfortable. The presence of Velcro helps you tighten or loosen the strap according to your comfort level. It fits snugly around your head like a glove.

Material – The chin strap is made of premium quality neoprene material. Neoprene is a synthetic polymer which doesn’t lose its elasticity over time. It feels smooth and comfortable on the skin unlike some straps I have used in past. This does not by any means  feel sticky or itchy on the skin. If you are like me and get put off by foreign smells, well lucky for you this product doesn’t have any. It’s completely odourless and sanitised. 

Effectiveness – My main issue was getting a sore throat in the morning due to sleeping with an open mouth. In that regard, this strap helped me a great deal. The chin strap is a great way to keep your jaws snug at night keeping your mouth closed. It helps not only with a sore throat but snoring and teeth grinding as well. 

2. The Silicone Tongue

Fitting – This silicon Tongue or tongue sleeve is made to fit all sizes. Tongue stabilizing devices available in the market either come in several shapes and sizes that you will have a hard time figuring out. How do we determine the size of our tongue anyway? Some even need to be moulded by putting the material in hot water and pressing your tongue against the wax. Not sanitary at all. This sleeve is made in such a way that it fits all sizes irrespective of age and gender.  

You just need to insert your tongue in the hollow seleeve, press the base of the device gently with your teeth and it vacuum seals your tongue. Your tongue then stays away from your airway for rest of the night.

Material –The silicone tongue is made of good quality clear silicone. It’s not hard plastic or rubber, it’s soft silicone which feels comfortable in your mouth. The silicone is tasteless, does not have an odour and sanitised well. As it is heat resistant you can wash it in warm water and reuse it.

If you are someone who has dentures and are afraid if this will work with them or not, don’t worry. It works perfectly with dentures or dental implants. 

Effectiveness – If you have never used a tongue sleeve before this might come as a surprise. It’s like a big pacifier but it works like magic. One of the main reasons for snoring is your tongue blocking your airway. During deep sleep your tongue lolls back obstructing your airway, the silicone tongue helps to keep it stabilised and well away from your throat. 

This can also be used in combination of other CPAP devices such as CPAP machine or nasal pillow. 

Packaging – For something that goes in my mouth I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it if it came with bad packaging. Thankfully, the packaging was great. The silicone tongue was encased in a plastic shell keeping it well sanitised and ready to use right out of the packaging. 


  • A good Quality chin strap with velcro adjustable straps
  • The chin strap keeps your jaws closed at night
  • Chin strap helps with snoring and teeth grinding.
  • The silicone tongue stabilizes the tongue and keeps it away from your airway.
  • Good quality silicone and can be used with dentures and dental implants.
  • The silicone tongue is very effective against snoring.

Customer Satisfaction

This product is rated five stars on Amazon. For the price, it’s a great deal to get two devices at the same time. Usually, two such devices cost well over 25$ if bought separately. 

You can alternate between the two devices and see which one works for you. Not everyone is made the same.

What I Didn’t Like?

The chin straps may give you a sore neck in the morning. 

My Conclusion

I would say this product is worth the price. It tongue sleeve helps to stop snoring immediately. The chin strap may take some time getting used to but once you are using it regularly you will notice the results. Its even better when your partner notices the results. 

A good night of sleep will give you and your partner an energetic next day. 


If you are suffering from the severe situation of Sleep Apnea, consult your general physician. 

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