Sleeping in a dark room

Benefits Of Sleeping In a Dark Room

Good sleep is the most essential need of any human being.  According to doctors, any adult needs at least 8 hours of sound sleep. But given the present busy and hectic life schedule, most of us find it extremely difficult to fall asleep quickly and get uninterrupted and sufficient sleep at night. Hence it becomes extremely necessary that we take all the necessary measures to get the most out of our sleeping hours.  Apart from stress, uncomfortable mattress or external noise, and other disturbances, the amount of light present in your room also plays a significant role.

Various studies have revealed that to acquire quality sleep at night, you must sleep in a dark room. In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of sleeping in the Darkroom.

You Fall Asleep Easily

One of the major benefits of sleeping in a dark room is, you get sleepy quickly. There is a scientific explanation behind the phenomena. According to sleep experts, darkness helps stimulate the production of the melatonin hormone. This hormone helps you fall asleep and complete your sleeping cycle.

Besides, a dark room also makes you feel more relaxed than a lighted room. This in turn helps you fall asleep quickly. The human brain is extremely sensitive to detect even the slightest change in your environment and hence instructs accordingly. So when you are sleeping in a lighted room, your brain stops the production of melatonin, which in return impacts your sleep.  So if you want to get quality interrupted sleep at night, turn off the lights in your room before going to bed.

Helps Improve Your Health

It may sound quite strange, but sleeping in a dark room helps improve your overall health and well-being. Various scientific studies have revealed that sleeping in a lighted room can increase your body weight.  This is because light could slow down your metabolic process. Meaning that your body can’t convert fat into energy and thus leading to obesity and weight gain.

However, sleeping in a dark room on the other hand helps promote your body’s metabolism. Meaning your extra calories are burnt and converted into energy. Thus helping you maintain a balanced and healthy body weight.

Lower The Chances Of Becoming Diabetic

According to a study published in a scientific journal, sleeping in darkness reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes.  The study reveals that when a person sleeps in the light it leads to insulin resistance Thus, increasing your chances of getting diabetes. Hence according to the study, one must sleep in a dark room if one wants to lower their chances of becoming a diabetes patient.

Helps Increase Your Level Of Concentration

When you sleep in a dark room and get uninterrupted quality sleep for at least six hours a day, it helps improve your alertness and mental focus for the entire day. According to sleeping experts, a single sleep cycle takes at least 90 minutes. So if you want to complete all your sleep cycles, you will need to sleep for at least six hours a night.  Sleeping in a dark room helps you get these six hours of sleep and lets you complete all the sleeping cycles.

Getting quality sleep at night for at least 6 hours a day also reduces your chances of experiencing mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

Regulates The Production Of The Melatonin Hormone

One of the most necessary benefits that you get while sleeping in a dark room is, it helps generate the melatonin hormone in your body. The melatonin hormone is generally produced by the pineal gland at night during sleeping hours. So when you are sleeping in a dark room, the chances of your melatonin production increase.  Even studies revealed that melatonin is best produced when you sleep in a dark room over a lighted room.

Sleeping in a lighted room delays the production of melatonin which in turn affects your sleeping cycle.  Besides, helping you get quality sound sleep at night, melatonin also helps regulate other necessary hormones in the human body. One of these hormones includes the one that affects women’s menstrual cycle. Besides, the normal production of melatonin also adds to other health benefits like the reduction of diabetes, obesity, and sarcopenia.

Helps With Eye Relief

Sleeping in a dark room offers a lot more relaxation to your eyes than in lights. Complete darkness is necessary as it offers the needed relief to your eyes and ensures they get proper rest. Besides adults children should also necessarily sleep in dark rooms. Children that sleep in dark are less likely to suffer from eye conditions like myopia compared to those sleeping in the light.

Helps With Skin Aging

Do you want to look young even when you age? If yes, start sleeping in a dark room.  Various studies show that sleeping in a dark room enhances cellular regeneration. This in turn helps with keeping your skin looking younger. The cellular regeneration process is enhanced when your body is in a complete state of rest.  And as a dark room is necessary to achieve this complete state of rest, so sleeping in a dark room promotes your cell regeneration process and slows down your aging.

Helps Prevent Depression And Anxiety

Sleeping in the dark has a direct connection with the reduction of depression and anxiety. According to research, sleeping near the light interferes with the circadian rhythm of our body. In simple words, when you are sleeping with lights on, your body becomes confused about what time you should go to bed and the body rhythm is disturbed. leading to insufficient sleep. This further increases the risk of depression and other mental health issues.

However, sleeping in a dark room eliminates all these possibilities and helps you acquire undisturbed quality sleep. Thus, promoting better mental health and overall well-being.

Tips To Get A Dark Room At Night

Get Blackout Curtains For Your Bedroom

Sometimes even if you put off the light in your house, the street lights might enter your room. So one of the best ways to make your room dark is by installing blackout curtains to the windows.

Wear An Eye Mask

Another quick and intelligent way to cut yourself out of all the external lights is by wearing an eye mask. A high-quality eye mask not only blocks out the external lights but also makes you feel comfortable. Thus triggering the production of melatonin to acquire high-quality sleep for the night.

Remove Any Object That Generates Light

To ensure that your room is dark the whole night, you must remove all objects from the room that generates light. These objects also include your gadgets and cell phones. Lighting up a scented candle is also a bad idea if you want a completely dark room. Because any form of light can disrupt your sleep.

The Bottom Line

Altogether, there are innumerable benefits of sleeping in a dark room.  Whether you want to reduce the chances of getting diabetic, reduce your skin aging, improve the production of melatonin hormone, increase your level of focus or want to improve your overall health, sleeping in a dark room can be the ultimate solution.

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