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If you are wondering what Adjustable beds are or you want to get one for yourself then you have come to the right place. Adjustable beds are a popular sleep accessory. With the increasing sleep problems such as insomnia, Adjustable beds are gaining popularity. 

Adjustable beds are movable mechanical bed frame that can be adjusted at the head or foot for maximum comfort. Modern-day Adjustable beds come with additional features such as massaging, adjusting in various position according to your comfort level. The beds can be adjusted by remote controls or downloadable apps on your smartphone. 

These beds come with many health benefits, most important ones include, good blood circulation, reducing sleep apnea issues and a good night of sleep. 

We Have Picked Best Adjustable Beds In The Market So You Don’t Have To Search Through Thousands Of Products On The Internet To Determine Which One Is Right For You:

1. Leggett And Platt Prodigy 2.0 Twin Xl Adjustable Bed

Leggett And Platt Prodigy 2.0 Twin Xl Adjustable Bed

The first adjustable bed on our list is Leggett and Platt Prodigy Adjustable bed. It is one of the highest rated and most liked adjustable beds in the market. This modern bed can be used as a comfortable bed or an amazing recliner for reading or relaxing. It comes with multiple features for maximum comfort and a great overall experience.

Here are some of the features this adjustable bed offers:

1. Adjustable Pillow Tilt – Most adjustable bed can only tilt the backrest but there is no custom tilt specifically for your head. If you are reading a book or just on your phone or laptop you will notice having a tilted back isn’t enough. We need our head tilted slightly forward to read something. Usually raising your neck like that gives you a headache or worse neck pain. Prodigy Adjustable Bed comes with tilting pillow, adjusting your head to the right position to read or work while reclining back. 

2. Wall Hugger Technology – As weird as the technology sounds it is one of the things we never knew we needed until we get it. The issue with Adjustable bed is when they raise up your back they also bring you away from your nightstand. So, if you want to grab something from the nightstand or simply put the night lamp off you either have to pull out some gymnastic moves or leave the comfort of your warm bed and walk to the nightstand to switch off the light. With wallhuger technology, the bottom of the bed comes close to the wall instead of moving away when you are tilted. That way you are right beside the nightstand.

3. Alarm Wake System – No one in the entire world loves the sound of an alarm early morning. What if I told you, you would wake up to a relaxing massage? Sounds great, isn’t it? It is possible with the alarm timer that comes with this bed. It gives you vibrational massage in the morning to wake you up instead of blaring music or irritating beep. In the split king model, your side of the bed will vibrate without disturbing your partner.

4. Massage – The bed comes with a remote controlled vibrating mattress that gives your back a light massage. The vibrating pads are fixed at the upper and lower part of the mattress so you can enjoy a massage on your back as well as on your butt and legs. A few minutes of massage before you go to sleep can relax you for a good day ahead. 

5. Programmable/Customizable Memory Positions – Usually adjustable beds do not come with customizable bases according to your need. Prodigy adjustable bed, on the other hand, comes with programmable memory positions. In addition to factory set positions of flat and snore on the remote, it comes with two additional positions M1 And M2. These two memory positions will remember your choice of say ‘reading position’ or ‘working on laptop’ position or any other position you like. All you need to do is adjust the position of M1 or M2 button, so whenever you press on the button the bed automatically assumes the positions without you having to press up and down buttons thousands of time. 

6. USB Port – The bed comes with eight USB ports, four on either side of the bed. If you use a lot of devices like phone laptop, mp3 player or any kind of electronic device that you want charging from your bed, you can charge it from these USB ports. You don’t have to leave your bed to charge your devices or charge them away from you. This is particularly great for people who work from home and need every device at hand’s reach.

7. Weight Limit – It can take an astonishing weight of up to 850 pounds. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or the mechanics to stop working when you are on it.

8. Under Bed Illumination – Going to the bathroom at night stubbing your foot on the bed leg or the nightstand is a very painful experience. Prodigy comes with under the bed illumination which illuminates the floor without lighting your room. You can effectively dodge the bed or the table legs and don’t have to go through the pain of stubbing your toe.

9. Reports – The bed comes with a remote to control all the functions.  It is not easy to figure out the buttons at night when you can’t see the remote. This remote, however, is backlit for night usage. With the illuminated button that problem is solved. 

10. App Control – For people who don’t like to carry a remote to their bed. The bed can also be controlled by an inbuild fully functional app. It does all the work of what the remote does but you don’t have to carry an additional item to bed.

11. Quite Motors – The motors don’t make a lot of noise, disturbing your sleep while adjusting the base at night.

12. Microhook Retention System – The new model of Prodigy adjustable beds has a micro hook on the underside of the mattress to keep it on the frame. They go unnoticed unlike mattress retaining bars on the other adjustable beds, that look bad on your otherwise stylish beds.

13. Features

  • Adjustable Pillow Tilt
  • Wallhugger Technology
  • Alarm Wake System
  • Programmable/Customizable Memory Positions
  • Body Massage
  • USB Port
  • Under Bed Illumination
  • Quite Motors
  • Microhook Retention System

Customer Reviews – 4.4 stars out of 5 from 48 customers. 

Downside – A mattress that comes free with the bed might not be at par with the high-end mattress many people prefer.

2. Reverie 8q Adjustable Bed

Reverie 8q Adjustable Bed

Reverie 8Q is slightly affordable than one listed above with almost all the same features. Let’s discuss the features in detail:

1. Pillow Tilting – Just like the above product, Reverie 8Q gives you pillow tilt option in addition to back and head tilt. The pillow title gives your head the exact tilt it needs to read a book, watch television or work on your laptop.

2. Wall Hugging – The mattress slides back towards your nightstand as you lean forward with the mattress for comfort. Although the wall hugging capacity is not as good as the Prodigy Adjustable bed it’s good enough to reach the nightstand without a problem.

3. Massage – The bed comes with dual massage options, on the back and the bottom of the bed. You can adjust the speed to 10 different settings making it a better massager than Prodigy.

4. Bed Positions – There is one more thing for this bed that is better than prodigy adjustable beds. Reverie beds have 4 memory positions as compared to Prodigy’s 2. In addition, there are three in-build memory positions as well. Flat for sleeping. Anti-snore to slightly tilt the bed to open up your airway and help you with snoring. And lastly, zero-gravity setting. The zero gravity makes you feel weightless and gives you a better sleeping experience.

5. Retainer Bars – The grey coloured retainer bars hold your mattress in position while the frame of the adjustable bed shifts up and down. 

6. Alarm Setting – You can set the bed alarm clock which wakes you up by gently tilting you in a slanting position while vibrating the bed to bring you out of the sleep.

7. 1 USB and 1 ac outlet in the remote stand gives you the freedom to charge your devices on your bed.

8. Under bed lighting illuminates the floor at night to prevent you from stubbing your foot.

9. Adjustable legs of 3 and 8 inches

10. The bed can also be controlled by the reverie app in case you lose the remote or don’t want to use it.

11. Features

  • App-controlled bed
  • Adjustable Leg
  • Under the bed lighting
  • Gentle wakeup setting
  • Retainer bars
  • 4 memory bed position and 3-factory set bed position
  • Pillow tilting
  • Wall hugging

Customer Review – 3.9 stars out of 5 from 5 customers

Downside – This bed does not come with a free mattress like Prodigy which can be good or bad. You will have the option of buying a mattress yourself also, the mattress plus the bed would end up costing more than a prodigy.

3. Leggett And Platt The Williamsburg Plus

Leggett And Platt The Williamsburg Plus

Williamsburg Plus is one of the most cost-efficient product on the list. In quality, it is almost as good as the first one in our list although with some fewer features. The bed is durable, there is a 10 years manufacturer warranty for the parts and that’s saying something. 

Let’s discuss the features :

1. Three Independent Motors – The three independent motors that are fixed in the bed give you a smooth transition which makes adjusting the bed noise free and smooth. 

Also, each motor would have to work less to adjust the bed making them more durable.

2. Head Tilt – The head side of the bed gives you an extra 15 degree tilt to your head for people who like reading on the bed. 

3. Dual Massage – Massage pads on the top and bottom side of the bed give you a relaxing massage when you need it. The wavey vibration can be timed according to your need.

4. Memory And Preset Positions – The bed comes with memory position that you can customise according to your need and preset positions, flat and reclining are factory set.

5. 2 USB Charger Ports – The USB charger ports at the side can help you charge your devices on the bed.

6. Bluetooth – The bed can be controlled by app through Bluetooth or wirelessly controlled by remote.

7. Retainer Bar – A single retainer bar at the bottom keeps the mattress from slipping away.

8. Features

  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • Three independent motors
  • Extra Head Tilt
  • Dual Massaging
  • Memory and preset positions- 
  • 2 USB charger ports
  • Bluetooth controlled bed positioning

Customer Review – 4.3 stars out of 5 stars from 6 customers

Downside – Since the motors are a little low capacity it may take some time to adjust the beds. 

4. Glideaway Elevation Adjustable Beds

Glideaway Elevation Adjustable Beds

Glideaway Elevation might be the most unique adjustable beds in the list. The bed has 4 articulations. The head, foot and pillow tilt are the three and the fourth one tilts the entire frame of the bed in a slanting position. This ‘elevation list’ or ‘Reverse Trendelenburg Position’ makes it great for seniors. Although this bed can be considered a bit on the pricey side the Glideaway comes loaded with features which compensate for the price.

1. Reduces Heartburn – many people suffer from heartburn at night. The acid tends to travel to your throat when you sleep in a horizontal position. With this bed, the elevation keeps the contents of your stomach down due to gravity and hence helping you with the acid burn.

2. Great For Seniors – The slating bed makes elderly people get in and out of bed easily. 

3. Looks – Glideaway premium not only works great but it’s a great looker too. The premium black faux leather finish makes it one of the most handsome beds in the list.

4. Additional Features – In addition to all the above features, the bed comes with common features such as Bluetooth control, under-bed lighting, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port, wall hugging design, zero-gravity setting.

5. Warranty – The bed comes with a warranty of 20 years which in itself should tell you how high quality the bed is.

6. Features

  • Acid reflux bed titling
  • Great for senior citizen
  • Leather finished looks
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB charging port
  • Wall hugging design
  • Zero gravity setting
  • Under bed lighting

Customer Review – 5 out of 5 stars from 3 customers

Downside – The price is on the higher end. If you can afford it you won’t be disappointed.

5. Idealbed 4i Custom

Idealbed 4i Custom

IDealBed 4i custom beds are affordable beds that are almost the same as Leggett & Platt or Reverie Adjustable beds. iDealBed is not a famous name in Adjustable beds as Leggett & Platt or Reverie is. The lack of brand value makes the product a little cheaper than the branded ones. 

1. Assembly – The assembly process for iDealBed is much simpler than the competitors. You can assemble the bed without external help. It’s a 2-step process without any tools, made keeping consumers in mind.

2. Massage – The bed will give you simple massage by vibrating in whole or a wave massage by vibrating in top and bottom in turns.

3. Preset Memory Position – There are customisable positioning available on the bed but it also has three preset positions. The zero gravity, anti-snore and flat. 

4. USB – The bed comes with two USB ports for charging your devices.

5. Backlit Remote – The remote comes with a flashlight to make your way in the dark at night. Also, it is backlit to find the buttons in the dark.

6. Under Bed Lighting – They beds lights up at the bottom when you are going to the washroom at night.

7. Lifting Capacity – the lifting capacity of the bed is quite good. It can lift up to 850 lbs. 

8. Quiet Motors Lift – The motors are quiet and do not disturb your sleep when you change the position of the bed.

9. 3 In One lLeg Height Design – 4” and 7” legs. Combining both you get 11” for people who like elevated beds

10. Foam Padded Surface – The bed comes ultra foam padded design for optimal comfort.

11. Features

  • Easy Assembly
  • Full Body Massage
  • Preset and customisable memory Position
  • 850 lbs Lifting capacity 
  • backlit remote
  • Quiet Motors lift
  • 3 in one leg height design

Customer Review – 4.4 stars out of 5 from 176 customers

Downside – Although, the bed is cheaper than most beds with same features brand value is low and overall product quality is not as good as branded beds.

6. Leggett & Platt S-cape 2.0

Leggett & Platt S-cape 2.0

Leggett & Platt are well known in the Adjustable bed category. S-cape 2.0 came out in early 2018 and is quite a good product for a moderate range price. 

Here are some of the features of the bed:

1. Programmable Memory Position – The bed comes with 2 programmable memory position and 3 factory-set position. The feature is standard among these types of bed.

2. Massage – The bed comes with dual bed massage setting just like all other beds in the list. Massage type is again two, dual wave massage and regular massage throughout the body.

3. Retainer – There are no retainers, just like the first product on our list, this one also comes with Microhook retention technology. The microhook-grip the mattress to the bed frame without an ugly looking retainer

4. Remote – the remote is again, a backlit one. The remote comes with a lock button so don’t accidentally move the bed by pressing on it. 

5. Adjustable Legs – Comes with four adjustable leg heights. 6,7,8,9 and 10 inches. Use whichever you want.

6. Features

  • The S-cape 2.0+ has 8 USB ports for device charging.
  • The bed comes in 3 models:
  • S-cape 2.0, which is the regular model and the cheapest one among the models that are available under the S-cape 2.0 list
  • The furniture style S-cape 2.0 has a beautiful bottom deck. 
  • The S-cape 2.0+ comes with a few extra features.

Customer Review –  4.7 stars out of 5 from 38 customers

Downside – The bed is genuinely as good as the first one in our list however, there are some features missing. The pillow tilt technology is missing in this version. Also, the wall hugging technology is not as good.

7. Reverie 7s

Reverie 7S

Reverie is another great quality adjustable bed within a mid-price range. Let’s go through the features to understand the product better.

1. The bed comes with 2 programmable and 3 factory present memory positions.

2. Reverie 7S 10-speed massage pads on the base of the bed to give you a full body massage experience.

3. You can control the positions of the bed by a smartphone app.

4. Comes with 3 height adjustable legs of 3, 5 and 8 inches.

5. Although the bed is missing a few features but the brand trust, durable bed frame and good warranty. The price is range is quite lower than Reverie 8Q.

6. The bed comes with 4 mattress retainers.

7. Features

  • App-controlled bed position
  • 10-speed massage pads
  • Preset and factory set memory positions
  • 3 height adjustments

Customer Review – 4.1 out of 5 stars from 40 customers

Downside – The bed has no pillow tilt. No underbed lightning or USB ports. 

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