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Best Aromatherapy Alarm Clocks

Introduction To Aromatherapy Clocks

Aromatherapy has been used by people all around the globe for a very long time. This aromatherapy uses oil that diffuses in the air that helps in relaxing the mind, stimulates a positive response from the body, or simply comforts a person who is stressed out at times. The natural aroma that floats in the air makes a calming and soothing environment.

While these aromatherapies were once done by manual labor and outdated techniques, today they are available in the form of devices that can make your home a place for aromatherapy. There are many such devices available online and otherwise, but what is new are the aromatherapy devices which are infused with alarm clocks. These are available with many names, like alarm clock diffuser, scented alarm clock, oil diffuser alarm clock, and many more. One can easily get confused between the mountain of these names, but what one can keep in mind is that they all have the same purpose. While some might have a better design, the others might be more accessible, but they all provide the same purpose.

Thus, in this piece of information which is given below, we will be having a look at what are the top 10 aromatherapy alarm clocks that one can check out, how to choose the best as per your needs, what is there basic working, and finally some points to be kept in mind while making the purchase. After all this, there will be a section concluding this article. The information provided in this piece, regarding all the diffuser alarm clock products are unbiased, hence providing honest Pros and cons to help you make the best choice for yourself.

How Do They Work

While these aromatherapy alarm clocks are improving and becoming more advanced, there is a doubt among people regarding the working of this diffuser alarm clock. They question if they actually work and if they work how they can be beneficial for them. To answer all these questions, this section is designed.

There are basically two types of aromatherapy clocks, one with an audibility processor, while the other is not equipped with it. As we are discussing the alarm clocks, we will be focussing on the audible aromatherapy clocks. While these aromatherapy devices can be used any time of the day, the best times are in the morning and while hitting the shack.

One can fix the alarm and the aromatherapy will start along with it. Filling your mornings with a calm and soothing environment, filling you with energy while reducing your stress. This will not only give a great start to your day but it will also be able to reduce any signs of a headache or anxiety, which many people face early in the morning.

Thus, we can say that these alarm clock diffusers are great at their work and provide you with the benefits they promise.

Making A Choice

While there are so many options available to make a choice, one gets really confused as to which product will satisfy their need. This problem is what we are resolving through this piece, but one can question us as to what factors have we taken to make this list. So, below are the four factors on which our list is based on. We tried to make a list that best satisfied all the four aspects that we will be discussing below.

Meeting Your Requirements

Nothing is ideal in nature, then how can we expect that the human made devices will be ideal? But what we can do is come up with the most beneficial product, which means a product that is satisfying our maximum requirements with the lowest number of features that are non-beneficial for us.

While some people prefer bright displays some will not, similarly there are people who will be needing a snooze button while there will be able to manage without that. Thus, devising a list that will be perfect for you is not possible. Hence, what we did is used the most appreciated qualities as a base, these include alarm clock, white noise machine, oil diffusing quality, audibility and night light. 

This makes it easier for a user to choose the best suite for themselves.

Adjustable To Your Needs

The next feature which we looked out for is adjustability. While there are many features that the company is offering, we looked for how many of them are giving the user to alter these features according to their requirements. There are cases where the device was loaded with features, but most of them were not beneficial for the user as the user was unable to harness them. Let us look at the example of an alarm clock which offers you 5 alarm tones but no way to adjust the volume of the alarm. While on the other hand there is an alarm clock which has a single tune available but a volume adjuster. Thus, adjustability becomes a very important feature to look for.

Compatibility With Other Devices

While we are living in an era where we have ourselves surrounded by devices, it becomes really important to have products that are compatible with each other. If we can get a device which is compatible with the other devices available then the working becomes easier. Hence, the next feature which we looked for is compatibility.

We looked at whether the product is able to serve any other purpose on connecting with Bluetooth, WIFI, USB cable or not. While there are systems available like that of adding music to the diffusing part, there are many more to look for.

Your Budget 

The next thing that we looked at is the price. As prices contribute to being one of the major factors in determining whether the product can be bought or not. We made sure that we take care that more features can be availed in minimum prices. 

While there are products who have so many features that we have to ignore the price, we tried to devise a list of the top 10 aromatherapy alarm clocks that not only serves the purpose but will be able to fit in your budget as well.

Key Points To Remember

While buying the product, there are always a few points which are required to be pondered upon. While many call them tips, some call them guides. So, under this section, we will be looking at some of the most crucial points to look after if you are going to buy this product.

  • The first thing to look for is for the integration of the alarm clock with the diffuser. Which means that most of the diffuser alarm clocks are not equipped with these two features being integrated, one should look at whether they want them to be independent of each other, integrated of each other, or rather adjustable to the users want.
  • The next point will be to look for automatic switching. Which means whether the diffuser will be needing manual work to switch it off, or can it be done by setting the time limit. This is a must for the people who are planning it to use at night.
  • The next thing which you need to look at is, if it has a snooze button or not. While many people are in the habit of snoozing the alarm and waking up in the next couple of minutes, this feature will make a lot of difference.
  • The last point that we will be suggesting is, if the device is chargeable, works on battery or on electricity. This will play a very crucial role in deciding whether the device is apt for you or not. Different people prefer different modes of energy consumption, thus making sure that the product satisfies this aspect becomes really important.

Top 10 Aromatherapy Alarm Clocks

Top products that will become your best buy are listed below. All the products that are listed below can be easily ordered online. The desired product can also be double checked for the features. The following list will help you in shortlisting the best product for yourself.

Top products that will become your best buy are listed below. All the products that are listed below can be easily ordered online. The desired product can also be double checked for the features. The following list will help you in shortlisting the best product for yourself.

1. Slumber Scents Alarm Clock

The Slumber Scents Alarm Clocks have received very high ratings. Know about the features of the device below:


  • The product comes with 6 relaxing sounds. The variety is much appreciated among the customers. The sounds of Thunder, Campfire, Zen, Ocean, Brook, or Fan sounds provide a good range of soothing sound options. 
  • A convenient auto-off timer is amongst the best features. The users can easily program their timer as per their choice by setting to turn the sounds off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Much peaceful sounds are now the choice of alarms.
  • 6 Different colored lights are also available for the diffuser. The different colors give home decor a modern and trendy look.
  • Multifunction device- The Slumber scents Alarm clock functions as an alarm, clock, oil diffuser, sleep machine, nightlight, & Bluetooth speaker. The bluetooth technology is highly efficient for wireless connectivity with smart phones.


  • Colored variants available.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Bonus- 3 free aromatherapy essential oils 


  • High price of the product.

2. Diffuser Alarm Clock

This is one of the most viewed products. The feature as described below can attract your attention too.


  • The product provides a wide range of alarm clock sounds. There are a total of 9 soothing sounds that the user can choose from.
  • The wood grain clock appearance provides a very modern and sober look to the room.The clock enhances the room decor.
  • Creates regular water sprays at time intervals.The aromatherapy diffuser with clock built-in waterless auto shut-off function is very safe to use with the kids in house.
  • The clock diffuser is ultra-quiet when working, to ensure no disturbance during sleeping or meditating.
  • The device offers the availability of mist modes. The strong and weak mist modes can be used as per the choice or activity. During heavy working or exercising, strong mist modes are desired, while the weak mist modes can be used while sleeping or meditating.


  • Soothing natural sounds.
  • Auto shut off function.
  • 1- Year warranty period.


  • There is no different color available thus the product is not the first choice for customers looking for variety.

3. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

With some attractive features, the Innogear Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the customers favourite products.


  • Availability of the misting modes- Similar to the Diffuser alarm clock, the Innogear Essential oil diffuser also contains 2 different mist modes. The users can freely select the mist mode with respect to their requirement. The first misting mode is the intermittent mist (6-8 hrs working time) that diffuser mists and pauses every 30s. Whereas the second mist mode is continuous mist (3-4 hrs working time) that keeps misting until water runs out.
  • The waterless auto off feature is among the highly praised features. This feature makes the device safe to use. It also prevents the extra hassle that the user might have to go through while using other devices. The automatic switch off feature is of high significance for the safety of kids too.


  • Different colours available.
  • Availability of mist modes.


  • The light lamp is quite big in size and is not safe to be used among kids. The light lamp might be harmful.

4. Amazon Basics 300ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the most simple yet eye-catching products in the list is Amazon Basics 300ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Know about the features below.


  • Multifunction Diffuser- Ultrasonic multi-functional aromatherapy diffuser with 300ml water capacity can be used as a clock, alarm or bluetooth speaker.
  • Different color options- The device provides 7 colored night light options for creating the perfect mood. As per the requirement, exercising, meditating or sleeping, different color options can alleviate your mood.
  • The clock has a digital display which provides a trendy look to the room decor. 
  • Quiet operation of the device- There are different time modes. The user can select the time mode for mist as per their need. The options for time modes are 1, 3, and 5 hours. The quiet operation helps the user to have a good night’s sleep tension free and noise free.
  • Auto Shut off feature- Automatically shuts off once the water tank is empty. This feature makes the product safe to use among kids.


  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Modern design & wooden finish.


  • Availability of only wood colored devices. No different color is available. 
  • Occupies a little more space because the device does not have a very sleek look.

5. ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Bluetooth provision- The multifunction Art Naturals Essential oil diffuser is bluetooth enabled. This makes the device help in connecting without wires to the mobile phones.
  • The device has a very vibrant look. And provides a sense of style to the room. 
  • The product has the common feature of Auto shut off. This makes the device safe for use. The automatic shut activates once the water tank is empty. 
  • Provision of timer settings- There are 3 timer settings that the user can avail. The timer goes off after 1 or 3 hours. On need the device can be kept on for longer duration.


  • Vibrant and modern look.
  • Warranty period provision.


  • No color options available.
  • The product is large in size and requires a lot of space.

6. Daroma 300ml Scent Mist Fragrance Ultrasonic Room Humidifier

If shortlisting for aromatherapy alarm clocks is being done, The Daroma Scent Mist Fragrance Ultrasonic room humidifier will definitely be noticed in the list. The following features make the device deserving a spot.


  • Multifunction with Bluetooth connectivity- It has the provision of bluetooth connectivity. This enables the device to be used much more easily. The device can therefore be used for playing good music and audiobooks and meditation too.
  • The alarm clock display of the device is very trendy. The display gives the room a more modern and sober feel. The alarm clock is synchronous once connected with your smartphone and therefore, the user will not be hassling for setting up the time.
  • The aromatherapy diffuser is highly efficient and can cover a room of small as well as medium size. It has the ultrasonic technology that  produces vibrations at a frequency of 2.4 millions times per second, breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of microparticles without using heat (heat destroys the ingredient of essential oils), disperses them into the air, and releases the constituents found in essential oils.


  • Highly efficient and technology oriented.
  • Good size of the humidifier is attractive.


  • There is no availability of the color options . Only one light wood lamp might not be everyone’s choice.
  • The alarm clock display does not work for people who do not like digital displays.

7. Guardian Technologies Diffuser

One of the most trendy and technology oriented diffusers include Guardian Technologies Diffuser. Check the features below.


  • Efficiency: The Guardian technologies diffuser is highly efficient and can make your room fragrant in a very short period. The mist particles are very fine and therefore, increase the efficiency of the mist diffusion.
  • LED alarm clock display- The display is very modern. The technology loving people find the display very trendy and efficient for displaying time. The LED Display makes the user understand the time in just one look and thus the device becomes much more efficient than the digital display clocks.
  • Ultrasonic Technology- The efficiency of the device leaves no doubts. The quiet performance of the device has also been appreciated highly among the customers.
  • Silver Clean Protected Tank- The device, unlike others shows no risk for growing molds in the water tank. The device can be easily cleaned because of the technology and the hygiene can be maintained without any extra effort.
  • Touch screen controls- The device becomes user friendly for programming different time durations for mist release and more because of its touch screen display. The display is highly admired among the customer base.


  • Modern look & sober design.
  • Efficient cleaning measures are highly attractive.


  • No color variant available.
  • The device needs to be programmed with a cord which makes it a little less modern.

8. Levoair Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser

The Levoair Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser is included in the list because of the efficient feature it holds. Know about these in the following points.


  • Multifunction- Like other products described until now, the Levo air Smart WiFi Essential oil Diffuser is also a multi functioning device. The device functions as an alarm clock, diffusor, and also displays weather conditions, schedule, temperature. The device therefore, can just provide you all the information about the surroundings and your schedule with just your command. The programming of the device is easy too.
  • Smart Device- The Levoair Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser is a smart device in all its true sense. The device is WiFi enabled that helps the user to programme everything easily. The smart device is an essential part of the smart home and is also compatible with the Alexa and google smart home devices.
  • Like other diffusers- The device enables the user to experience two mist modes. The different mist modes, fast and slow, can work for about 4-5 hours and 8-9 hours respectively. This provides the user a good and long fragrant experience.
  • Like other devices, the Levoair Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser also has an Automatic shut off system. The system makes the device suitable for use among the kids too. 


  • Highly efficient design.
  • Small size and striking features.


  • Available in only white color.
  • Small tank size- The tank size is just 200ml, thus will need refill much earlier than some other products.

9. iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream Aromatherapy Diffuser Alarm Clock

The iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream Aromatherapy Diffuser provides some of the latest features, check these in following points.


  • 3 settings- It provides the 3 different levels of setting for mist release. The user can choose as per their requirement. The settings are High, low and intermittent. The 3 different settings can be used with respect to the surroundings. 
  • Sound options: The device offers 12 Soothing, Naturally Recorded Environmental and White Noise Sounds. These sounds are designed to make you feel relaxed, calm, and helps with falling asleep. Thus, the device offers true aromatherapy to the user.
  • Options for alarms too- The device offers a wide range of sounds to be selected as the alarm ringtone. The device thus enables the user to choose as per his/ her choice for the wake up call.
  • LED Display- As stated with earlier descriptions, LED display is more user friendly. The iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream Aromatherapy Diffuser utilizes High Contrast LED Display with Dimmer and Programmable Snooze option too. 
  • Like other devices, the iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream Aromatherapy Diffuser also has a Automatic shut off feature, that helps the user to maintain the safety regarding the device. The device will not be harmed even when the water tank is empty because of its Auto shut off feature.
  • Detachable Remote Control: Unlike other devices, the iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream Aromatherapy Diffuser comes with a remote control that helps the user change the settings in a much user-friendly manner.


  • Efficient design.
  • Remote control is the most striking feature.
  • Automatic Shut-off.


  • No color variants.


Coming to the end of this article, one can say that this piece of information helped in clearing many doubts regarding the product, along with helping you choose the best product according to your need. While the list is devices by us, we took care that it will be able to fit your fix. The different criteria we used are the ones most looked after by the users.

While we tried our best to come up with the best list for you people, we understand that each person is different and so are their requirements. Hence, all that we can say is that the list, the synopsis of each product, and the information is provided after proper insight so that the user can make the most out of it.

Lastly, all that we would conclude by saying that though we think the product will be beneficial, there are chances that you might disagree, it all depends on our individual perspective.

Happy shopping.

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