Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 Usd 2019

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100 Usd 2019

Camping with kids or your friends can be a great experience. It refreshes your mind, gives you a good workout and is a great way to hangout with friends and family. As fun as camping can be, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not have proper sleeping gear. The right kind of sleeping bag, pillow ands tent are some camping essentials for a good quality camping trip.
If you are camping during autumn or winter a good quality sleeping bag is even more necessary. In this article we will discuss the best quality all winter sleeping bag and other types of lightweight sleeping bags under $100.

What To Consider When Buying A Good Quality Sleeping Bag?

Good quality budget sleeping bag should fulfill all the criteria of a perfect sleeping bag and provide you with the highest level of comfort in your camping trips.

First and foremost thing you need to remember is the time of the year you are going for camping. Winter and summer required a completely different type of sleeping bags. You need to consider the temperature of the area you are camping in. Even if it is the end of summer or the start of autumn, it can become a little Chilly at night. In high mountainous areas or forests the temperature dropdowns several degrees at night. Always check the temperature rating of the sleeping bag you are purchasing. See what will be the best fit temperature rating for you and the area you are camping.

Water Resistance
The sleeping bag fabric should be made up of water resistant material. As the ground can be pretty damp after rain or if you are sleeping near a creek if you are travelling to a forest area. Sleeping bag that is made up of synthetic material is usually water resistant.

A good quality sleeping time should have a seamless stitching that is not visible or stretched in anyway. Flat and strong stitching done by specialised machine that sews synthetic fabric.

Shape Of The Sleeping Bag
The shape of sleeping bag is often determined by the place your camping in. If you are camping in harsh weather conditions with extremely low temperature you should go with mummy bags that covers you from feet to toe and your complete face. In moderate climate conditions rectangular sleeping bags are more common.

The zipper should be a good quality material. You should be able to close the sleeping bag zipper from inside and outside the bag. The type of zipper differs with type of sleeping bag. Rectangular sleeping bags have wide tooth zips whereas mummy is sleeping bad have more compact tooth in their zippers.

Camping is all about packing light. It is very difficult to walk around with heavy backpack when you have so many essentials to carry with you. Heavy sleeping bag will slow you down and ruin your camping trip. While buying sleeping bag make sure get the lightweight weight of sleeping bag without compromising on the insulation.

Additional sleep material to carry with sleeping bag

A good quality lightweight camping pillow is an essential sleeping accessory. If you want to have a good sleep pillows can make your camping nights a lot easier. You can check out our review on camping pillows.

Clamping Mattresses
For extra cushioning and that provides you good sleeping experience, you can carry camping mattresses. It is usually made up of foam or Air mattress. It should be lightweight. They make your camping trip more easier. People usually carry camping mattresses when they are camping with family or friends as on a light fun camping trip.

Here Are The Reviews Of The Top 6 Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under 100 Usd

1. Mallome Camping Sleeping Bag

 Mallome Camping Sleeping Bag
Mallome Camping Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for a sleeping bag that can be used all year long MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag is a great option. It has a temperature rating of around 20 degree fahrenheit and can keep you warm even in low temperatures. However, this rectangular shape sleeping bag is not good for extreme low temperature below freezing temperature for extreme camping. If you are camping in hot or warm places this camping backpack will work best for you. The material is water resistant and dirt-resistant. You can also clean it or with warm Soapy cloth for machine wash it. The sleeping bag allows you some cushioning against the ground. It is not completely a super thin material. The material does not feel clammy or hot if your are camping in humid weather. Hexagonal design on the surface of a sleeping bag adds to be comfort and strength the sleeping bag. It can be compressed to a small ball and fitted inside a compression sack that it comes with. With strap you can carry around during camping trips.

Sleeping bag can also be used in rainy weather. The material is water-resistant and it keeps you dry from wet ground. The stitching is a good quality and strong S-shaped stitching that does not feel uncomfortable on your skin. The material is made of high quality synthetic fibre that feels soft on your skin. It does not feel hot or produce any fiction when you move around, you can open or close the zipper from inside as well as outside. If you are feeling hot at night you can open the zip from the inside of sleeping back without having to maneuver your hand outside the sleeping back at night.

Warranty – The sleeping bag has a 30 day return policy, if you find any problems with it.

Downside – One of the major downsides of this product is the weight of the product. This product might not be for people who are experienced in camping and camp a lot.

Customer Rating – 4.6 out of 5 stars from 773 customers

2. Coleman North Rim Mummy Bag

Coleman North Rim Mummy Bag
Coleman North Rim Mummy Bag

Unlike the above sleeping bag Coleman North Rim Mummy Bag can be used in harsh weather conditions where the temperature is below zero degree fahrenheit. The head of this mummy sleeping bag can be tightened around your head, cover you from extreme weather conditions with the drawstring. The material of this bag is extremely insulating and water resistant. If you are using this bag in warmer weathers, it comes with a zip at the bottom that you can open for ventilation.

The stitching on this material is of good quality and seamless. The fabric of the bag is soft on skin, does not make a lot of noise. It is made up of ripstop polyester material that is extremely durable and can be used on rough surface as it is resistant to rips. The sleeping bag is somewhat airtight at when you get inside. For the kind of insulation it provides it is not fit tight on your body. It does have some room space to move side to side. If you want to sleep on your side or move around a bit, this sleeping bag won’t be a problem.

This sleeping bag comes with quite good features compared to the price it is sold at.

Warranty – The sleeping bag comes with a 5 year warranty

Downside – If you are not planning to go on a hiking in very cold weather, this might not be the perfect sleeping back for you. This sleeping bag works great for moderately cold temperature.

Customer Rating – It has got 4.4 out of 5 stars from 1,576 customers.

3. Semoo Envelope Sleeping Bag

Semoo Envelope Sleeping Bag
Semoo Envelope Sleeping Bag

This mummy sleeping bag is a winter sleeping bag. People who like comfort in their camping trips this sleeping bag is for them. The sleeping bag is extremely comfortable as it provides a lot of cushioning against the ground. You wouldn’t feel the hard ground at all when you sleep inside this bag. The material is filled with 1.2 LBS of premium ducktown fur. If you go hiking in the cold weather, this sleeping bag will keep you warm throughout the night with its good quality insulation. The temperature range it works best in is 21 to 45 degree fahrenheit.

For the amount of insulation and comfort it gives, it is pretty lightweight. The weight of this sleeping bag is 2.56 lbs. It does not take a lot of space in your backpack. You can simply compress it down from 11.9 into 7.1 inches compact portable bag.

Unlike many sleeping bag, the soft nylon material of this product does not make a lot of noise. When you shuffle around in your sleep, the material is water repellent. If you are hiking in wet weather or sleeping on snow. This sleeping bag will protect you from the water, also the drawstring around the head area protect you from cold wind.

You can clean the material with the soapy wet cloth and store it for next time. Use the material is quite durable and comes with rip-stop Technology. It stops the fabric of the sleeping bag from getting damaged during usage from stone or rough ground.
The zipper is of good quality you can open it from inside or outside.

Warranty – You can check the exact warranty by contacting the seller.
Downside – Can be on the heavier side if you like light packing for camping trips.

Customer Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 8 customers.

4. Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek Sleeping Bag

Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek Sleeping Bag
Cedar Ridge Wolf Creek Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is made for extreme cold weather conditions. It keeps you warm in well below freezing point. The temperature rating for this sleeping bag is 0 degree fahrenheit. At the price of $77.64, it is a good quality winter sleeping bag.

The material is made of soft 190T polyester material that feels soft against the skin. It does not ruffle a lot in the polyester lining, is also great quality sleeping bag. It has a two layer construction, providing high level insulation keeping the warmth inside. The zipper is made up of compact tooth, the zip seals your sleeping bag and eliminates any cold spots.

For camping in high mountainous areas or extreme cold weather. This sleeping bag keeps you warm throughout the night.
The total length of this sleeping bag is 7 inches, it can accommodate even the tallest of people.

Warranty – 5 year warranty

Downside – The weight of the product is around seven pounds which is far more than the sleeping bags in this list. If you are willing to travel with the heavy sleeping bag this one can be a great product.

Customer Rating – 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from 13 customers.

5. Coleman Autumn Glen Sleeping Bag

Coleman Autumn Glen Sleeping Bag
Coleman Autumn Glen Sleeping Bag

If you are not travelling during winters but in autumn mummy sleeping bag can become hot and clammy at night. This rectangular Coleman autumn sleeping bag with has a temperature rating of around 30 degrees fahrenheit. It provides the perfect sleeping space at night. For autumn Nights when the temperature drops from the daytime, it can keep you insulated. This is made by hollow polyester insulation, making it one of the lightest sleeping bags in this list. Outlining is water resistant and dirt resistant material inside of the bank is soft and does not feel like anything on your skin. Zipper is snug-free. You don’t have to struggle with closing and opening the zipper.

For packing the sleeping bag you simply roll it over compress it down and snap lock it with the string.

For this sleeping bag, I suggest you to carry a camping pillow for better camping experience.

The product weighs around 4 pounds, it can easily fit a person of 6 – 6.2 feet of height.

Warranty – 5 year warranty.

Downside – You will have to carry a camping pillow for better head support at night.

Customer Rating – 4.3 out of 5 stars from 24 customers.

6. Outdoor Vital Mummy Bag

Outdoor Vital Mummy Bag
Outdoor Vital Mummy Bag

This mummy sleeping bag operates in 20 to 25 degree fahrenheit temperature and is best used from autumn to winter season. It keeps you warm at night and the material is soft made of microfiber and is a soft material. This sleeping bag also provide waterproof sleeping experience. This made of ultralight fabric which makes it one of the best sleeping bags for camping and hiking. IT easily compresses down to a small size.You can pack it in a stuff sack and attach it with your backpack. The fabric is made up of ripstop Technology, so you can use it in treacherous areas or on rough surface without having to worry about it ripping.

Warranty – limited lifetime warranty

Downside – Is not ideal for extreme cold climates.

Customer Rating – 4.1 out of 5 stars from 506 customers.

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