Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Night Shift Workers

Are you working in Night shift? Do you not get a better quality of sleep during the daytime? If your answer is yes, then this article is fully dedicated to you. I will show what are the sleep problems for Night shift workers and how it can be cured. Keep reading!

Well, working in night shift or rotational shift is very common. Lots of people work in night shift like the police officer, truck driver, hospital staff, factory employees etc. Basically, you are not alone working at night. It is estimated that 15 million of American work in permanent night shift or regularly rotate shift in and out in the night, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Working in night shift can have adverse effects on your sleep. The work schedule changes your sleep pattern and decreases the secretion of melatonin hormone( responsible for the better quality of sleep.  The night shift work affects your body clock known as circadian rhythms ( responsible for natural body wake and sleep cycle, other functional activities) to a large extent. The night shift workers are more likely to suffer from Shift work Sleep disorder or SWSD. SWSD is quite common for excessive sleepiness. Sometimes they may also face adverse sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea etc. The sleep deprivation is common in night shift workers. Long-term sleep deprivation may lead to other serious problem such as cancer, obesity, depression, anxiety etc. The sleep problems will not able to give full concentration on their work. 

What can night shift workers do?      

Recent studies show that even the night shift workers can get the good quality of sleep as the daytime workers. For that, they have to do some changes in their daily routine. 

1. Keep The Same Schedule

Maintaining the same schedule will adapt your natural body clock to follow to the same schedule. The irregular schedule will confuse your body clock which might keep you awake during daytime.

2. Avoid Alcohol  

If you think that drinking alcohol will give the best quality of sleep, then sorry to say that you are wrong because alcohol will fall you asleep you asleep faster, but it effects last for 2 to 3 hours and after that, you will face sleeplessness as well as an extreme headache. If you are going for night shift don’t drink alcohol 4 hours before the bedtime.

3. Keep Your Room Total Dark And Comfortable 

When you hit the pillow make sure your room must be dark. Darkroom will fool your circadian rhythms that trigger secretion of melatonin hormone. This hormone gives you the best quality of sleep during daytime. You can use blackout curtains to make your room completely dark during the daytime. Make your room comfort for sleep by adding nice perfumes and block out all the noise with the help of earplugs or white noise app. You can also use a sleep mask to eliminate the lights if you don’t have black curtains. The sleep mask is inexpensive and affordable.

4. Avoid Caffeine 

Most of the night workers drink tea or coffee to stay awake and concentrate on their work, but it is advisable that don’t drink tea or coffee or other caffeine products before 4 hours of bedtime. Caffeine acts a stimulant that keeps you awake whether its night or day. You can drink coffee or tea when you shift started. 

5. Expose Yourself To Bright Light During Work

Expose yourself to bright light during work will fool your brain and stop the secretion of the melatonin. By doing so, you can concentrate on your work. You don’t feel any fatigue or sleepiness during work.

6. Wear Blue Light Sunglasses On Your Way Home 

Blue light sunglass will not allow any blue lights to enter to your eyes which disrupt your circadian rhythms and production of melatonin hormone. Always wear blue light sunglasses once you off the shift.

So, basically, these are some useful tips for the night workers. Following the above tips will help them to doze off quickly and better quality of sleep.

What Are Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses?

Now, you are wondering what exactly is blue light sunglasses. Well, blue light sunglass is different from the ordinary sunglass. It stops blue light entering to eyes which emits from the mobile device, tablet screen, SUN, LED lights etc. These blue lights can cause cataracts and permanent damages to eyes like vision loss etc. Thanks to the blue light blocking sunglass save our eyes from being damaged. It is advisable to those you use the mobile device,  laptop, tablet device etc always wear it before bedtime or during bedtime. These devices emit blue lights which stop production of melatonin hormone and keep you awake. You can buy it online or offline, it is not too expensive and you can easily afford it. There are many companies offering blue light sunglass, you can check the reviews and features of the glass, then buy it.

How Can Blue Light blocking sunglasses help night workers?         

Blue light blocking sunglass help the night shift workers in various ways such as it helps them stay awake and do focus on their work, don’t allow blue lights to enter the eyes which can damage your eyes like cataract or cancer. Blue light sunglass will not disrupt the circadian rhythms of the night workers and help them to follow the same pattern schedule. Blue light sunglass removes the sleep problems by not disrupting the circadian rhythms and normalizes the production of the melatonin. Wearing blue light sunglass two hours before the bedtime will give the best quality of sleep. Those people who experience fatigue during work need to wear blue light sunglass. It completely eradicates the long-term sleep deprivation problem.

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review        

I had sleep problems and tried many blue light glasses, but they didn’t work well. My sleep problem increase day by day. I could not able to focus on my work. I started to make lots of potential errors in my work. I was scared of being fired from my job. I visited the sleep specialist regarding this they gave me some sleeping pills. These pills give me comfort for the time being. One fine day I was browsing internet checking the best glass for sleep then I came across Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The glass is very cool and amazing give the nice quality of sleep during the night as well as daytime. On top of that, it is lightweight, stylish, and very flexible for wearing on the parties. It changes my life and I stopped making errors on the job. The previous sunglass is not that effective, but this sunglass completely blocked the blue lights and give a nice sleep. The brand has launched the reading over glass version which is very cool.

The sunglass is not expensive and its money return policy makes the brand trustworthy. Not all the brands offer money return policy if they didn’t work. It’s coming version is really amazing and look even more stylish.    

Benefits of Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses     

The glass is best suitable for gamers or mobile addicted individuals. The glass is lightweight, stylish, and flexible to the eyes. It can be worn to parties. The glass completely blocked the blue lights and give the best quality of sleep and comfort. It glass is made of top quality acetate and have spring-loaded hinges for comfort and flexibility. It’s orange lense completely block the blue light while reading on the mobile device or playing the game or watching TV. Wearing it before 90 minutes prior to bedtime will give stress-free sleep. It blocks the blue light which disrupts the circadian rhythms of our body and stops the production of the melatonin and gives the poor quality of sleep. The glass not only blocks blue lights but also many harmful UV rays that damage our eyes. It saves our eyes from cataracts or cancer. It removes all the sleeping tension and a person doze off in no time.    

Proof it works          

It ’s orange lense completely block the blue light than any other computer reading glass does. It’s anti-reflective and anti-glare lens coating prevent insomnia and macular degeneration. The brands offer money return policy if its product fail to meet the customer expectation. I think this is sufficient prove a company can offer to their customer. Now, it is the most famous sunglass. Before its inception, there was no blue light blocker sunglass available in the market. This is only one that gives a guarantee of complete blocking of blue light and gives comfort sleep all night or day.  You can check the details of the product and read its review on Amazon. It surpassed all the customer expectation. 

Where to buy 

You can buy it on its official website. You can buy it on any third party website such as Amazon, Snapdeal and so on. You can also get it on many optical showrooms. Purchasing online have many benefits than offline like online often put some discounts while offline optical showroom occasionally offers discounts to the customers. Online website offers lots of category of sunglass of this particular brand rather than offline. So, in my opinion, it is a wise decision to buy it online because they offer customers a more reasonable price.


Comparison of Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses with another brand                                                    

  1. Swannies blocks completely blue light with the help of its orange lense. 
  2. It is stylish as well as durable and can be worn anywhere. 
  3. Wearing this glass 90 minutes prior to bedtime give a comfortable sleep. 
  4. It offers 100 percent money back guarantee policy to their customers.  
  5. It is designed especially for gamers or smartphone users who use the mobile phone for a long time. 
  6. It is FDA registered. 
  1. It’s high-performance lens stop the blue light to entering eyes. 
  2. It is also stylish and last for a long time and can be wearable to any occasions.
  3. Wearing it 1 hour before bedtime gives a nice quality of sleep. 
  4. Same here.
  5. It is also manufactured for gamers or smartphone users to protect their eyes from blue lights. 
  6. It is also FDA registered.


If you don’t sleep well due to working in front of the PC then you must require Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses to get the nice quality of sleep.  The sunglass will help you by blocking the blue lights and enhance the production of the melatonin. The sunglass is best suitable for gamers as well as night shift workers.