Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise can be very distracting for people who suffer from insomnia or for people who sleep during the day and work at night. There are two kinds of people- one who can sleep through a nuclear war and other who will wake up to the tiniest bit of knock. For the people who are sensitive to sound and find it difficult to fall asleep often find it hard to fall asleep. These people suffer from sleep deprivation and subsequently health issues related to sleep deprivation.


You might be wondering how come we hear things in sleep when all our physical responses in sensory organs should be turned off? Even in deep sleep you wake up to alarm clocks, you can make out someone talking, the sound of the TV any other sound. Evolutionarily the human brain has developed to process sound even in sleep. Some people are more attuned to this response whereas others are not so much.

During sleep our brain blocks out any external stimuli but it does not lose all responsiveness. Evolutionarily we have developed this ability to hear during sleep. Our ancestors had to be able to alert themselves if a predator was lacking around during their sleep. So we developed a method by training the brain to process incoming acoustic stimuli even in sleep.

During Non-REM sleep we are able to distinguish the words spoken and understand the meaning of them. However, during REM cycle of sleep making distinction between words is not possible. That does not mean your brain stops responding to all sound sound can still through your sleep state the sound is loud enough.

How does noise cancelling device work?

Noise cancelling headphones have a specific type of construction. They are made with noise absorbing foam material. They fit snugly around a person’s ears, not leaving any space for external sound to filter through.

Other noise cancelling devices including earphones and speaker headbands, produce a low frequency sound that is complimentary of the noise coming from outside in such a way that it cancels out the outside noise.

In words of science, the wavelength of the frequency produced by the noise cancelling device has the same amplitude as a noise coming from outside but with inverted phase. As a result, it cancel out the outside noise.

Here Is A Review Of 3 Best Noise Canceling Headphones And Devices

1. Tooks Sportec Band

Tooks Sportec Band
Tooks Sportec Band

Headphone headbands are a comfortable way of wearing noise cancelling headphones without compromising on sleeping position or feeling uncomfortable. These headbands come in handy as noise cancelling while sleeping or during workout.

The great thing about Tooks Sportec Band is that they come with removable headphones. You can remove the headphones from the headband and use it separately. This functions as a 2 in 1 and at the price it is a great grab.

The product also comes with bluetooth headphones in case you want a wireless option for the same product. 

If you sleep in a noisy neighbourhood or have pets that make a lot of noise at night,or your ceiling fan, air conditioner noise distracts you from sleeping. This noise cancelling headphones can be a great way to cancel out all distracting sounds and play the music or sleep sounds of your liking.

Comfort – As far as comfort is concerned the headband is made of soft Microfleece material. Fleece is made up of Polyethylene terephthalate. It is soft and known to be lightest weighted synthetic fibre. The seams of the headband is Flat stitched so it does not irritate the wearer’s skin. The band is a fit all size, the elastic is neither too tight not to lose on your head. It fits snugly around your head. You don’t have to worry about it getting displaced when you toss and turn on your bed and stays on your head all night long. 

Sound Quality – Comes with good quality sound. Headphones give a strong deep bass. Works perfect even in high volume. 

Durability – All though the material does not come with specific warranty. The product is made by a trusted brand. The durability of the actual headphones inside the headband is unclear, however, the headband itself is of high quality material. It is washable so you can clean and reuse it.

Product Detail

Weight – 2.4 ounces

Warranty – None

Power- fits with any electronic device with a 3.5 mm plug. 

My Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Rating – 3.5 out of 5 stars from 260 customers

50% 5 stars

27% 3 stars and below

Customer Review

Good – Most customers like the sound and product quality at the price range. 

Bad – Some people find the positioning of the speaker wrong and the headband too tight. 


One of the main things that could be changed is the ability to change the volume from the headphone itself. Every time you need to adjust the volume of the music, you will have to open up your phone in the middle of the night which can be irritating for some.

2. Bose Bluetooth Headphone (B07nxdplj9)

Bose Bluetooth Headphone (B07nxdplj9)
Bose Bluetooth Headphone (B07nxdplj9)

This is one of the best noise cancelling headphones available in the market. The headphone comes with cushioning around head to make them feel super comfortable when you wear it. Being a wireless headphone makes it is easier to use and you don’t have to struggle with wires when you sleep or doing any other work. You can change the volume from the headphone itself, so there’s no need to wake up and look for your phone in the night to change the volume. You can keep your phone away from you or on the side table or even in the dresser.You don’t have to worry about signal quality, the headphone works at the range of 30 to 35 feet.

Bluetooth pairing is pretty state forward and you don’t have to switch on and off the bluetooth in your Android phone to pair the headphone to your mobile device or any other device. One of the best things about these headphones is, it is not only great for noise cancellation at night can be a great headphones while watching a movie, listening to music or when you exercise and for gaming. This product is an all-round speaker with superior quality sound and great feel to it headphone. It comes with Amazon Alexa controlled so you can get information and use it in other tasks as well.

For iPhone and iPad users Bose help in App control for multiple functions such as sharing music.

Comfort – Bose headphones provide the highest level of comfort on their products. The ear muffs set snugly around your ear without compressing for hurting them in any way. They feel super comfortable on your head, the material is soft non itchy non sweaty even in humid weather. The headphone feels perfectly comfortable on your ear. You can wear these headphones in the winter and they protect you from cold as well due to its snug fit.

Sound Quality – You can use this product only for noise cancellation without any music. All you need to do is switch on quietcomfort 35 III. it cancels out any active noise from outside.
Bose headphones come with the greatest level of sound quality in headphones across all brands.

Durability – Comes with variable warranty products. You can determine the exact warranty by calling the customer service for their product. The headphones are known to be one of the most durable headphones in the market.

Product Detail
Weight – 8.3 ounces
Warranty – Applicable, check with customer rep from Bose.
Power – 20 hours of battery life. Comes with recharging usb.

My Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

Customer Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 3337 people
69% gave 5 stars
20% gave 3 or less stars

Customer Reviews
Good – Most people like the product for its sound quality and comfort and functionality with multi functional nature that is popular among people.

Bad – Does not work great with all models of iphones. Shows some issues with connectivity with apple products. Some people faced problems with taking calls on the headphones.

Downside – One of the major downsides of these headphones is not really related to the product itself but in accordance with noise cancelling device. You cannot sleep on your side wearing these headphones.

3. Audio-technica Noise- Cancelling Earbuds

Audio-technica Noise- Cancelling Earbuds
Audio-technica Noise- Cancelling Earbuds

This one is a noise cancelling wired earbuds at an affordable price with superior quality sound. Some people do not like the feel of headphones on their ears, or headbands covering their whole ear. Wearing headphones for throughout the night makes your ears sore. Also, wearing headphones and headbands can become uncomfortable during summer season. Noise cancelling earphones are the best solution to sleep with comfort.

Comfort – The earbuds are comfortable on your ear. They fit snugly inside your ear and feel comfortable to sleep putting it on.

Durability – The product is of good quality. Comes with a warranty that you will have to confirm with the seller.

Product Detail
Weight – 0.96 ounces
Warranty – Confirm with seller
Power – Fits on any device 3 mm plug

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Rating – 3.6 out of 5 stars from 1863 people
44% 5 stars
34% 3 or less stars.

Good – Most customers like the sound quality and comfort level.

Bad – Company customer service is bad if you face any problems.

Downside – You have to play something to cancel the outside noise. If you like to sleep in complete silence this might not be for you.

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