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Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

We all have that favourite sleeping position where we feel the most comfortable in. Sleeping in a certain position is almost a habit to most of us. If you are trying to force yourself to sleep in a certain position that you think will be good for your health, it might lead to sleep interruption and sleep deprivation. We know the bad effects of not getting enough sleep are.

You will find hundreds of articles online telling you the best positions to sleep in, however, not everyone’s bodies are built the same. We all have our comfort level, upbringing and other factors greatly influence our sleeping position. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you don’t need to force yourself to change it unless it is a health hazard.

I am sure most of you must have tried to sleep on your back or your side trying to change the habit of you sleeping position but it only leads to Sleepless nights, feeling drowsy and tired the whole day. What if I told you, you could sleep on your stomach and still not have the side effects of stomach sleeping.

In this article, we will discuss pillows for stomach sleepers. The pillows not only make stomach sleeping more comfortable, but it also helps to eliminate bad health effects of sleeping on your stomach.

Effects Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

One of the major health issues for stomach sleepers that everyone warns about is the strain on your back and neck. When you sleep on your stomach, the centre of gravity is in the middle of your body, as a result, your spine receives the most strain. Not to forget, when you are sleeping on your stomach your head is turned to the side for better breathing. This puts an additional tension to your neck. Sleeping this way for a prolonged period of time can increase the risk of neck pains.

Some good things about sleeping on your stomach are lesser snoring problem. Your airways remain free, you have an easy time breathing. However, this does not apply to a pregnant woman. Sleeping on the stomach helps you with bloating and eliminates gas from your stomach.

How To Decrease The Side Effects Of Sleeping On Your Stomach

Use specialised pillows that assist in sleeping on your stomach rather putting more strain on your neck. Put comfortable pillows under your pelvis to decrease some strain from your lower back.

Use anatomic pillows instead of regular pillows.

Perform some yoga in the morning or some sort of stretching exercises, to stretch your muscles that may have strained during the night.

Benefits Of Using Stomach Sleeping Pillows

Not a lot of people sleep on their stomach. There are very few people who prefer to sleep on the stomach. If you are one of them, you must have a hard time finding the perfect pillow that suits your sleeping position. The pillows we will be discussing in this article will help you a great deal in finishing the perfect pillow. Using these pillows can help you reduce some of the ailments that come with sleeping on your stomach.

Stomach sleeping pillows make your sleep experience more comfortable

It helps to put less strain on your back and neck

Stomach sleeping pillows help you to get better sleep at night without having to worry about neck and backaches in the morning.

5 Best Stomach Pillows Reviewed

1. Eluxurysupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

Product Description – This pillow is specifically designed for stomach sleepers. It is stuffed with 80% down feather and 20% normal feather blend. The casing is made up of 230 TC 100% cotton material. It is breathable, feels soft on the face, does not makes crunchy noises and is 100% natural material. This product is only available in a big king size, providing you with enough space to keep your arms on the surface and keep your shoulders on the pillow. As far as durability is concerned, the product is durable, it can be easily machine washed and dried in the dryer.

My Review – The pillow comes in Pristine white colour. At this price you get two big kings sized pillows. It is worth the money. The pillows feel extremely soft on your skin. The Cotton material provides a nice feel, not like a synthetic pillow which makes a sound when you rub face against it. When you sleep on your stomach your face mostly stays on the surface of the pillow. I will recommend casing the pillow in a Silk pillowcase to avoid skin abrasions and other skin related issues.

Wash the pillow and pillowcase once a month. This pillow is washable, it comes in handy to wash the pillow and dry it in the dryer. This pillow does not take a long time to fluff up once dried. It dries quickly and leaves no water residue. The duck down stuffing is processed really nice and you don’t feel it on your skin. When you use it for the first time, it does not smell anything like chemicals or any other product. Although, I would recommend washing the pillow before you use it.

As it comes straight from the manufacturers. The best way to use this pillow is to keep one under your head and the other one below your pelvic for maximum support during sleep. If you live in a humid climate this pillow is perfect, as it does not make your skin clammy due to the breathable cotton material.

Warranty – This pillow comes with a 30-day return policy in case you don’t find the product satisfactory. The refund is completely free of cost except for shipping charges. No warranty is mentioned by the manufacturers.

Weight – 2.05 pounds

Customer Rating – 4.0 rating from 583 customers.

5-star Review – Stomach sleepers prefer this pillow due to its squish ability. It flattens against body weight and helps against the strain on your head and neck.

3 Star Or Less Review – For some customers, the filling is not perfect. For some, it is filled too much or too little.

2. Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow – Great For Stomach Sleepers

Product Description – This pillow is specifically made for stomach sleepers with extra soft duck down stuffing. People who hate stiff pillows that are stuffed too much with fur would appreciate this pillow. This pillow is filled with just the right amount of down material to give it that extra fluff. It compresses down when you sleep on it with your face against it. It helps to reduce neck strain while sleeping on your regular pillow. For people who sleep on their stomach, it is 525 to 550 filled with power white duck down.

The material is quite durable made with 250 thread count cotton damask in light blue. You can easily wash it in a normal cycle and dry in the machine dryer. It dries down to a nice fluff. People who are allergic to fur, do not have to worry as this material is made of hypoallergenic down material. It powers down fur can not escape the pillow casing, or cause any kind of allergies. The pillow comes in three sizes, standard, queen and king, with 12 ounces, 14 ounces and 16 ounces weight consecutively.

My Review – I got a king-size pillow. I could rest my face and Shoulder on it while sleeping. You don’t have to keep your neck craned with this pillow. The pillow flattens down to give ergonomic support when you sleep on your stomach. The Cotton casing on the pillow is not the best material. It is a little bit harsh on the skin of your face. Fiction against your skin can be uncomfortable for some people. If you move your head around a lot, I would recommend covering the pillow with a nice pillowcase that you are comfortable sleeping on.

This pillow is not for people who like a well-stuffed pillow. This pillow is filled with a very low quantity of powder down the material. One good thing is, the material does not feel hot on your skin. It is quite breathable and you can sleep on it even during humid nights without worrying about sweat feeling hot.

Warranty – Warranty is specific to the manufacturer, contact the manufacturer to know about the warranty details.

Weight – Standard- 12 oz, Queen- 14 oz, King- 16 oz.

Customer Rating – 4.1 stars out of 5 from 93 customers

5-Star Review – People who are looking for pillows that compress down to 1-inch thickness really like this pillow. For stomach sleepers, this pillow works the best.

3 Star Or Less Review – People who buy this pillow expecting it to be a soft and well-filled duck down pillow will be disappointed. This pillow does not have as much stuffing. The pillow also might seem overpriced for the amount of stuffing inside. Although the material is of premium quality.

3. Snuggle-pedic Supreme Plush Ultra- Luxury Hypoallergenic Bamboo Shredded Gel-infused Memory Foam Pillow

Product Description – This product Unlike the top 2 products, is not a flat pillow. Although this can be used as a side pillow, it is also popular to get some support while sleeping on your stomach. For people who hate flat and soft pillows and cannot sleep on them, this pillow is the best alternative. It ergonomically moulds to your neck and shoulder providing it with the maximum support during sleeping on your stomach.

The stuffing is made up of shredded memory foam infused with a gel substance. It is encased inside a soft cool microfibre woven cover that is made of 43% of viscose from bamboo, 56.4 per cent of polyester and 6% of lycra. It has a two lining system, the inner lining can be adjusted with a zipper opening to a perfect thickness and comfort. The material is completely made in the USA and none of the parts is imported. It is an environmentally friendly product. It is made of completely eco-friendly, biodegradable, Certipur-US certified foam.

The material is hypoallergenic and dust- mite resistant. It is made without ozone-depleting, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metal, formaldehyde without phthalates regulated by the consumer product safety commission and Low in Volatile Organic compound emissions for indoor air quality.

My Review – This is not a flat pillow, however, the thickness can be adjusted to a certain point by the inner liner. For people living in hot and humid conditions, this pillow provides the perfect material that is cool with heat elimination capacity. The gel-infused foam feels nice on your skin and comfortable. It moulds to your face when you sleep with your face down. You can also use it as a side pillow and wrap your arms around the pillow and sleep on it comfortably.

For women, I would recommend the queen size and if you are a big person you can buy the king-size pillow. The casing is made up of completely biodegradable material which feels really nice on your skin. It has a silky smooth texture that does not feel clammy or synthetic in any way.

Warranty – It has a 120-night return policy with no cost. You can directly contact the manufacturer if you do not find the product meeting your requirements. The manufacturers provide a 20-year manufacturers warranty for the product.

Weight – 5.85 pounds

Customer Rating – 4.7 stars from 5 by 110 customers

5-Star Rating – Almost 88% of people give it 5 stars. The feel and the material quality is loved by almost all the customers.

3 Or Less Star Rating – Customers give this product rate this product low only if they receive a faulty product or bad packaging.

4. Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow For Stomach And Back Sleepers

Product Description – This pillow is made to give support to the spinal cord for stomach sleepers. It is a flat thin pillow with curved edges to provide ergonomic positioning for uniform pressure of head neck and spine and improve breathing. It reduces pressure from the neck and lower spine during sleeping on your stomach.

The stuffing is made up of polyurethane shaded form, infused with gel beads, hypoallergenic, moulds to your body shape and is 2.5 inches thick. It does not put a strain on your muscle. The gel-infused pillow is a good heat illuminator, it does not heat up with your body heat at night. It keeps you cool throughout the night and does not feel clammy on your face.

The lining is made up of bamboo polyester, that is order-resistant, porus and has antibacterial properties. It feels soft on your skin, you can remove the casing and wash it regularly in the machine for a clean pillow experience.

My Review – This one is a firm pillow and if you like to sleep on a firm pillow then it’s a good option. Most form pillows are too thick to be comfortable on and stomach sleepers often find it difficult to feel compatible on thick pillows. Whereas soft fluffy pillows make it difficult to breathe when you have face against the pillow. This pillow, however, is made up of soft squishy gel-infused foam material that moulds to your face according to the way you are sleeping.

The material is made up of bamboo polyester blend, which feels really soft on your skin. It does not create fiction or burning sensation against your skin or feel like synthetic pillowcases. People who have snoring issues, find it difficult to breathe when they sleep with their face on fluffy pillows. This pillow is made of dense material, that provides perfect support as well as space for breathing.

Warranty – Check with the manufacturing to know the details of the warranty.

Weight – 3.04 pounds

Customer Rating – 4.5 stars out of 5 from 142 customers.

5-Star Customer Review – People like the packaging it comes in. It can be given as a gift due to the beautiful packaging. 80% of the customers are given at a 5 Star review because of its ergonomic and comfortable construction.

3 Or Less Star Review – People who are not stomach sleeper will find it hard to feel comfortable on this pillow.

5. Cushion Lab Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Product Detail – This pillow can be adjusted to the to your ideal height by removing some of the hyper foam fillings. The product comes with a bonus filling storage bag. The pillow is generously stuffed with geometrically cut 3.6 lbs extra high bounding proprietary memory foam filling. The outer casing is made up of bamboo fibre, covered with 3D wave design for cooling effect and easy to clean material. The pillow is certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 & CertiPUR-US. It is made with 100% free of any harmful substances.

My Review – If you want a pillow that provides you with comfort and is a foldable as well, this pillow is a good option. The great thing about this pillow is the adjustable height by de-stuffing memory foam filling. You can simply remove the memory foam from the inside casing and store it in the storage bag provided. The outer covering is a thick bamboo shed with polyester blend fibre, that is soft on your skin, breathable and provides a cooling effect. It does not feel clammy or hot on your skin at night.

For stomach sleepers, this is a good and affordable option. The foam filling might not be the best substance for many people, as it makes a little bit of sound when the foam particles move around when you flatten the pillow for stomach sleeping it is not as comfortable as well. The best thing about the pillows the casing. At this price, this is a good pillow.

Warranty – No warranty mentioned by the manufacturers. However, they do give you 100 nights of the free trial if you do not find it satisfactory you can return it with a full refund.

Weight – 3.78 pounds

Customer Rating – 4.4 out of 5 stars from 138 customers

5-Star Review – This pillow Is love by almost 73% of the customers, giving it five-star reviews. It works for people who sleep on their backs, on the stomach as well as for people who sleep on their side.

3 Or Less Star Review – Some people do not like the filling material and the wedge it makes when you sleep on it.

Which Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain Sufferers?

The best pillow for neck pain sufferers is flat pillows that are one to two inches thick. Pillows that are more than 3 inches thick put a strain on your neck when you sleep on your stomach.

Downlite Extra soft pillow and Belly Sleep Gel-infused Memory Foam pillow are two of the best options for people who suffer from neck pain while sleeping on the stomach.


1. Is sleeping on your stomach bad?
Sleeping on the stomach can be bad if you suffer from back and neck pain. It can worsen the pain, however, if it is the position that you feel the most comfortable in, then you shouldn’t try to force yourself to sleep in any other position.

2. What type of pillows are good for Stomach sleepers?
Soft flat pillows are the best for stomach sleepers as it puts less strain on your neck and lower- back.

3. How to avoid neck and back pain when I sleep on my stomach?
Use pillows specific for stomach sleepers and places a pillow under your pelvic region to support your pelvic area it helps to eliminate strain from your lower back.

If you are a stomach sleeper trying to sleep on your back but unable to feel uncomfortable, you should try pillows for stomach sleepers. They can help you eliminate some of the bad effects of sleeping on your stomach. However, if your doctor has specifically asked you to sleep on your back do listen to the doctor.

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