Can A Bad Mattress Cause Sciatica?

According to Mayo Clinic Sciatica is caused by a pinched sciatic nerve, which is usually caused by a herniated disc in your spine or a bone spur on one of your vertebrae. A tumor might compress the nerve, or it can be injured by a disease like diabetes. Prolonged sleeping on a mattress can certainly increase the risks of Sciatica. If you already suffer from Sciatica a poor mattress can worsen the situation. The right type of mattress could help alleviate some of the pain associated with Sciatica. The greatest mattress for those with sciatica will cushion the sciatic nerve, which starts in the buttock and runs down the thigh and lower leg. A mattress should help relieve pressure in the lower back, which is where sciatica-related discomfort is most common. It is important to buy the right kind of mattress when you suffer from Sciatica. When you are awake, and not in bed, you could consciously adjust your posture but such a thing is not possible while you are in bed. That is why investing in the right type of mattress is essential. While a supportive mattress that cushions the afflicted areas won’t totally eliminate your pain, it will help you sleep better.

To relieve sciatica pain, extra support around the lumbar region, hips/buttocks, and thighs is frequently required. A softer mattress may be pleasant if you weigh less than 130 pounds, while individuals who weigh more may prefer a firmer bed. Some mattresses have zonal patterns that support the lower body with stronger materials and cradle the head and shoulders with softer materials. These styles may be a decent compromise for those who prefer a plusher top and additional support in the areas where sciatica pain occurs.

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