Deep Pocket Sheets On A Regular Mattress

Can You Use Deep Pocket Sheets On A Regular Mattress?

Not really. Regular mattresses are 6 to 9 inches thick. These mattresses can be covered with regular sheets without any problem. Deep pocket sheets are more for thicker mattresses, such as 10 to 15 inches thick. Because deep pocket sheets are designed for beds with a depth of 12 inches or more, using them on a standard mattress may cause bunching due to an excess of fabric. If your mattress isn’t too deep, it’s probably better to stay with ordinary fitted sheets. When you have a deeper mattress, such as a pillow-top or customized memory foam alternative, deep pocket bed sheets stay put and fit more comfortably. Because it’s much easier to lay the bottom sheet on the mattress with this right fit, you’ll spend less time making your bed. However, if you still want to use deep pocket sheets for your regular mattress, you could use a few hacks. You could use suspender clips. If your mattress is 7-10 inches deep, standard size sheets would suffice. Deep sheets are required for mattresses that are 15 inches deep. If your mattress is deeper than 15 inches, however, you will need extra deep fitted sheets. These suspenders attach to the corners of your fitted sheets and allow them to glide around the mattress’s borders. This pulls on them, causing a continual pressure that doesn’t go away no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep.

Suspenders with a strap that fastens down the middle of your mattress’s underside are available. It all depends on your sheet and the type of suspenders you purchase. There are even some that are meant to be crisscrossed for added strength on both sides. You may make your own with a few long strands of elastic and safety pins if you can’t afford professional ones.

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