Chilipad Review

Chilipad Review

People who find it hard to fall asleep often complain about either being too hot or too cold at night. Chilipad is the perfect solution to maintain the optimal temperature for your sleep. Chilipad type is a mattress topper that can warm or cool your bed by pumping water through a network of tubes that throughout the pad surface. You can use Chilipad during winters to warm up your bed and in summers to cool down your bed.

Many people tend to toss and turn in their beds not able to find that balance of perfect temperature. You will notice, when you go to sleep with covers on, your hands and feet feel too hot but when you flick the cover off, your body becomes too cold to fall asleep. This vicious cycle goes on for hours and you wake up in the morning feeling groggy.

Our bodies often find it hard to attain the right temperature to sleep. The ideal body temperature for sleep is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit ( 15 to 21-degree celsius). Anything above or below that can make your body work hard to maintain the optimal temperature for sleep. If your body is sweating to cool off or shivering to heat it can prevent your body from going into REM sleep.

REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep. All your body’s functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature are at its lowest during the REM cycle of sleep. During the REM cycle, your body is unable to maintain steady body temperature by sweating or shivering. If the temperature is not perfect you will find it hard to go into the REM cycle of sleep. Too hot or too cold temperature can prevent your body from relaxing properly. 

If the room is too hot or too cold you might wake up in the middle of the night and not fall back asleep again. Some women, especially women going through menopause suffer hot flushes. It’s a sensation of suddenly feeling hot throughout the body, sweating and heart palpitations. Pregnant women feel warmer during pregnancy because the core body temperature is high due to pregnancy hormones. Infants also have a hard time regulating body temperature. Old people have low core body temperature and find it hard to sleep during winter nights. People suffering from anaemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes also have a difficult time regulating their body temperature.

If you are deprived of deep sleep for a few nights in a row, it can cause major health issues. You might gain weight, have swollen feet and face due to water retention. If you are prone to migraines, you might suffer from migraine episodes. You will have a lack of concentration and feel tired the whole day. Long-time effects include metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney and liver diseases. 

Chilipad can aid you in achieving the perfect temperature for you to sleep in. Different people have different temperature preferences to feel comfortable in bed. Some people prefer a warmer temperature while others prefer colder temperatures at night. You can adjust the temperature of the chilipad to create the best-suited sleeping experience.

Chilipad Mechanics And Structure

This temperature controlling mattress topper comes with a network of medical-grade silicon microtubes that runs up and down the whole mattress surface. Water circulates through the microtubes continually. The temperature of the water can be regulated either manually by pressing the button on the central temperature regulating units, that is the cubes. Or you can do it wirelessly through the remote it comes with. Some modern models of Chilipad come with a Wi-Fi system that you can pair with your smartphone and control it via an app.

The temperature range can go anywhere between 55 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit on the Chilipad. 

The central unit, that is the cube, has a hose attached to it which connects the cube to the Chilipad. 

Water runs through the microtubes and regulates the temperature of the sleeping mattress. The temperature of the water can be adjusted by the buttons on the cube. The cubes also help to pump the water inside the microtubes of the Chilipad. Chilipad can both cool or heat the water in the mattress pad.

The sizes available are- single, twin XL, full, and Split California King. All these come with the single Thermoregulating zone. It only has one cube unit that regulates the whole surface of the mattress pad.

Other models of Chilipad has two zones. Half of the mattress pad is regulated by one cube unit while the other half with another. The dual Chilipad comes in three sizes- Queen size, King size and California king size.

The top of Chilipad is made up of soft cotton material that feels nice on the skin. It comes with a little bit of padding so you don’t feel that tubes on your back when you sleep on it. If you sleep on a soft mattress the tubes on the Chilipad is quite unnoticeable; however, if your mattress is stiff you might experience some discomfort from the tubes on your back.

The mattress pad comes with elastic straps to secure it with the mattress so it does not slip away when you toss and turn on your bed.

Why You Should Buy Chilipad?

  1. For Couples Who Like To Sleep With Different Temperatures From One Another

Everyone has their own optimal temperature at which they sleep the best. Commonly men have a higher core temperature than women. Men prefer to sleep in colder temperature and woman in warmer. If you and your partner have different temperatures, air conditioning during summers and heating units during winters might not be the best solution for you. If the temperature of the room your partner prefers is colder or warmer than what you prefer it might make it difficult for you to sleep in. Chilipad can help you regulate the temperature according to your side of the bed and help you fall asleep faster.

  1. Saves Money

People who do not like to spend a lot of money on air conditioning during the summer and heating heaters during winters can save money through Chilipad. It saves gas bills if you use gas in the fireplace to warm up the house. Chilipad uses as much energy as an electric fan. Heating or cooling a whole room, like an Air conditioner or heater does requires a lot of energy. It does not have to heat up the whole room, the only work it does is to heat up or cool the water in the cubes. 

There is no cost of installation unlike an air conditioner or some heaters.

  1. Save Space

Chilipad is a small device. The biggest size which is the dual kind size is 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length has the cube units of nine inches in all sides. The cube units are portable. They can be stored in your cupboard. Storage is simple. Takes up as much space as your blankets. You can slip the cube under your bed and no one will know its there. 

  1. Cools Or Warms You Faster

With Chilipad you are not waiting for the bed to get warm in the winters. Electric blankets tend to overheat and they aren’t really safe as well. You can warm up the water to just the right temperature and not worry about getting overheated. The water never overheats since the cube units always circulate the water in the microtubes.

During warm weather, air conditioning can take hours to properly cool down your room and let the bed will remain warm. When your warm body sleeps only the already warm bed it makes it worse. Many people fall sick because of sweating in an air-conditioned room due to warm beds. Chilipad cools down your bed to the perfect temperature so you can sleep in peace.

  1. Good For People Who Can’t Regulate Their Body Temperature.

People who have a hard time regulating their body temperature can benefit a lot from Chilipad. Older people, pregnant women, some people with medical conditions are the people can use chilipad to sleep better at night. 

How To Operate Chilipad?

  1. First, you need to unfold the Chilipad and lay it on top of your mattress. The elastic bands go around the mattress to tightly secure the mattress topper on your bed. 
  2. You can keep the cube under your bed. Make sure to keep in a flat surface, it should have breathing space around the cube for letting out air. 
  3. Make sure there are AC outlets to connect the cube or cubes (in dual zone Chilipad) to a power source. For two cubes you might consider using an extension board.
  4. Connect one end of the water tube to the cube and then the other end to the Chilipad. Make sure the release button of the tube is facing upwards.
  5. The cube space inside to be filled with water. There is a small opening on top, closed with a screw cap. Unscrew the cap and add distilled water to the cube. Always make sure to use distilled water and not tap water or any other water. Tap water can cause mineral scale build-up inside the machine. Mineral residue buildup can damage the machine and lower its durability. You don’t have to fill up the water every day. Check every couple days to make sure the water tank is full.
  6. The cube has two buttons on it. One with the flame icon and the other with a snowflake icon. And a power button. You can press the flame or snowflake icon to increase or decrease the temperature of the water. It takes around 15 minutes for the water to reach the desired temperature.
  7. You can use the remote control to change the temperature wirelessly. You can do it from your bed without having to physically climb down the bed. 

To activate the remote you need to long-press on the cubes power button for 5 seconds. The cube unit will display ‘888’ on the temperature display. Turn your remote, it will beep again and show the temperature. You can pair the remote with both the cubes but one at a time.

  1. You need to drain the cube of all the water if you are not using the cube for a long time. It is advised to unplug the cube then drain out all the water. However, if you’re using it every night you don’t need to drain the water. Use the H shaped tool that comes with the Chilipad. You can use this tool to drain out water from the cube and the hollow can be used to drain out the mattress pad for a dual-zone mattress. 

Product Details

  • Power – The cube that heats up the water and pumps the water into the mattress pad needs to be attached to an AC outlet. The remote control required for AAA batteries
  • Power Usage – Average night of use is 80 watts.
  • Mattress Material – The surface material is made up of cotton fabric with polyester blend and the microtubes are made of silicon.
  • Warranty – The product gives a 90 day trial period where you can try the product. If you don’t find it effective enough and if you see it is not working for you. You can return the product and get a full refund.

Chilipad comes with a complete warranty period of 2 years. So you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs or faulty product.

How much weight can the chilipad take?

The chilly pad can take up to 500 pounds. However, heavy people will not have the same effect of cooling or heating as an average weighted person.

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