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Are Heated Mattress Pads Bad For You?

There has been no studies that indicate there are any health dangers of using heated mattress pads. The only risk is the electric components that run inside the mattress pad. An old or damaged heated mattress pad can be replaced to avoid harm to the wires. This can assist to lessen the chances of a fire breaking out. Look for a mattress pad that has been evaluated by a reputable organization or labs. A heated mattress pad works in the same way as heated automobile seats do. It just heats the surface of the bed, and hence the side of your body that is facing the mattress. A heating mattress pad is a conventional mattress pad with electrically heated coils within. The wires heat up when they are turned on. A heating mattress pad is installed similarly to any other skirted mattress pad, as well as a fitted sheet.

In most cases, you’ll have various heat settings to pick from, as well as an auto-off mode that shuts the heat off after a predetermined amount of time. This heat is directed upwards, and it is felt mostly by the regions of your body that are in direct touch with the pad. You’ll appreciate a heated mattress pad if you have achy joints, sore muscles, arthritis, or other conditions that are worse by chilly temperatures – even if you’re not cold yourself. Heated mattress pads might be hazardous to children under the age of five. Children are more likely than adults to overheat or burn at lower temperatures. People or children who have urine incontinence should never use heated mattress pads.

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