Do Mattress Protectors Work For Bed Bugs

Does Mattress Protectors Work For Bed Bugs?

Yes. There are certain mattress protectors that are specially designed to help keep bed bugs from biting you. These are huge, zipped covers that wrap your mattress fully. They’re made to enclose bed bugs inside the mattress and keep new ones from getting into your mattress. Mattress covers keep bed bugs from biting you by trapping them within your mattress. The imprisoned bugs eventually starve and die. These encasements are built in such a way so make fresh bed bugs easy to see. Bites from bed bugs are inconvenient. Bed bug bites cause a reaction in up to 80% of people, with some getting full-blown rashes. Because most of us are allergic to bed bug saliva, this is the case.

One of the most annoying aspects of bed bugs is that they irritate you while you are trying to sleep peacefully. A bed bug mattress protector is a big, detachable fabric sheet that wraps around your mattress and completely encases it. A zipper on each shield keeps particles — and pests — inside. Bed bugs have no way of leaving the encasement to access their blood supply host after they’ve been trapped inside. As a result, mattress protectors can starve and kill bed bugs. Encasements for bed bugs are often made of vinyl or fabric, most commonly polyester or terry cloth. Bugs cannot feed through the material and break through the encasement, thus it must be thick enough. Once installed, the encasement must have no openings, big seams, or other methods for pests to get in or out. Even when the zipper is closed, bed bugs can easily weave their way through the teeth of larger zippers, escaping the confines of the encasement. That is why the zippers should be sealed shut.

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