Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets Reviews

Have you heard of something called weighted blankets and their uses in the treatment of some usual illnesses like restless leg syndrome or muscle relaxation in case of a hectic tiresome day? Well, due to their weight and size, weighted blankets are difficult to wash or clean. Therefore, most weighted blankets have removable duvet covers, which can easily keep the blankets clean for a longer period. However, if your weighted blanket doesn’t include a duvet cover for protection, you can anytime purchase a detachable weighted blanket duvet cover separately to help you take care of it easily and conveniently.   Here, through this article, we can help in your search for some good quality duvet covers for your weighted blankets:

1. Luna Cotton Duvet Covers

If you want some great value for money covers, Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket Covers are valued for money. Luna weighted duvet covers come in four standard sizes for different sizes of bed. These also come in many different colors and patterns, and are completely woven from hypoallergenic cotton, suitable for anyone, even the most sensitive-skinned people. The material is of course wrinkle-resistant and breathable due to good knitting. 

So, you don’t have to worry about breathlessness under a blanket that is too hot and well-knitted. The cover is also machine washable, so there is no problem washing large blankets by hand just for the sake of clothing caressing. Luna Weighted Blanket Cover also uses natural dyeing that excludes the usage of harmful chemicals. Cotton material brings you a clean and fresh feeling, but if you are looking for a different quilt, Luna has even more and the best choices.

2. Iced 2.0 By Hush

Hush’s Ice 2.  0 cases are specially developed to keep you cool and under-maintained in an environment under a weighted blanket. However, this duvet cover is not the cheapest piece you would think of but it’s certainly good with its quality. The Iced 2.0 duvet cover for weighted blankets uses Cool Touch technology and is made of the organic bamboo fiber to get to you the desired temperature and not just warmness, which means it has natural antibacterial properties too.   It is available in three sizes which are suitable for the double, queen, or king-size beds. However, you need to dry this duvet cover, which can be very difficult if you don’t have enough space to arrange it due to its amazing plus size. So, this might not be the best choice available in the market but a good choice under duvet covers.

3. YnM’s Bamboo Duvet Cover For Weighted Blankets

This bamboo duvet cover is mediumly priced and is available in 5 different sizes and more than fifty different patterns and colors to match your matching homely decors if you are concerned with such stuff.   The material used is 100% natural bamboo viscose. It also has a zipper for suitability with prompt coverage and handling, that is making it easier to put on and take off the weighted blanket when required.  This protective duvet cover by YnM is machine washable and stays wrinkle-free without laundry, so you don’t need to worry about special laundry or dry cleaning every time you take this cover out. 

4. Bare Home’s Minky Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets

Something that goes very affordable with pricing and still stays decent with the quality of the duvet cover’s material, good applause to Bare’s home Minky Weighted Blanket. This piece of the duvet cover is very affordable, but keep in mind that you only get some decent quality with softness and velvet touch and nothing more. You can’t depend on the durability and goodness of the product as such but in the short term or maybe a season, this piece is good indeed.

This duvet cover is available in six different colors and four different sizes, which fits almost every weighted blanket that the market has to offer. It is made of high-quality, good colored dyeing, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-soft wool inside, with ribbons in every corner that can be fixed on a weighted blanket. Wool is soft and fluffy, but if you want to sleep warmly, you may find it hard to tolerate this type of quilt because it does retain and maintain warm heat. The main suitability of Minky Duvet covers is that they are machine washable and can be dried at room temperature.

5. Sunday Citizen’s Crystal Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets

Although this purchase does not include a weighted blanket, this duvet cover has its label priced the highest in this range. The price of this duvet cover is around 170 US dollars, undoubtedly the highest in our category. It is made entirely of soft, hypoallergenic microfiber for user’s safety, available in three different colors, and the zipper can close the weighted blanket for easy goodness. However, this weighted duvet cover must be maintained promptly and cleaned with a heavy-duty machine. Every time you need to clean this piece, you would need some laundry services to have it done for you as it is undoubtedly qualitative but requires the best maintenance too.

6. Silent Gravity Duvet Cover

This Silent Gravity duvet cover is specially made for the company’s weighted blankets, so if you own one weighted blanket from Silent Gravity, you shall consider owning the duvet cover too for some great experience. This duvet cover is available in adult and child sizes too, obviously a good take for children. The cover is machine washable, but dry cleaning is recommended for best durability maintenance. So, if you want to take good care of this duvet, you have to spend more buck when dry cleaning than purchasing the piece itself.

Nowadays, most weighted blankets can be machine washed, but since adult weight blankets weigh between 10-15 pounds, they are difficult to machine wash at home. You would need some special laundry services to get blankets as well as the duvet covers going on a longer period. You need to find a local laundry to perfectly clean the duvet covers or the weighted blankets over 10 pounds with a commercial washing machine service. However, if you want to save the trouble of frequent visits to the laundry, you can buy a detachable duvet cover for heavy blankets, which is easy to put on and take out for quick washing as well as for changing purposes in case you are some change lover. Detachable duvet covers are the most popular ones today for their availability and ease of use.

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