Effect Of Night Shifts On Relationship

Effect Of Night Shifts On Relationship

There is a wide variety of jobs that need people to work at night shift, it could be security guards, night drivers, doctors, nurses etc. Although night shifting once in a while isn’t a big deal, working nightshift for days at a stretch can put an adverse effect on your health and relationship. 

1. You Rarely Get Time To Talk To Your Partner – If you and your partner work on different shifts, by the time you reach home they have either left for work or rushing to leave. When you wake up you are rushing to leave. It becomes difficult in such a situation to sit and have a relaxing chat. Lack of communication is never good for the relationship, it can put distance between the two of you.

2. You Miss Out Of A Lot Of Things – If you have kids, You miss out on seeing them every morning. You feel guilty for not able to get involved with them. You pass on family events, your kid’s programs and even if you attend some you feel tired the whole time. The sadness of not being able to get involved with your family eats up your insides.

3. Your Partner Starts Resenting You – No matter how supporting your partner is, your physical and emotional absence does bother them. They might feel like they have to do all the work in the home while you sleep away. As unfair as it sounds, it is human psychology to get angry at things we have no control over. Your partner might miss your company but never get the courage to tell you so. 

4. You Become Cranky – Sleeping at daytime is difficult. Phone calls, doorbells, outside noise are at its peak. Imagine how angry someone might get if you disturb them at night, they probably will call cops on you. No one shows mercy to a person who is sleeping at day. This might result in you getting angry at small things on your partner. Such anger for a long time can push you away from your partner. 

5. You Lack Energy – Being energetic is very essential in being happy. People who night shift, usually have to compromise a lot of sleep and feel tired all the time. Your partner might have all the energy in the world, they might laugh, sing, dance but when you are all gloomy they don’t feel entitled to that happiness. This brings an ever-present cloud of sadness on both of you. The happiness in the relationship goes missing.

6. You Might Develop Health Issues – Health issues are always a hard blow on relationships. When you work the night shift, you might develop a number of health problems including obesity, depression, heart problems etc. An unhealthy person can’t keep people around them happy, which includes your partner.

7. Your Sex Life Becomes Non-Existent – An essential part of a good marriage or relationship is having a good sex life. Night shift can put a pause on your sex life. People who work the night shift have a hard time making time for sex, and even if they do get the time they are too tired to enjoy it. You and your partner both suffer due to the lack of sex. 

8. Your Partner Might Not Understand You – Working nightshift is way too difficult than working day shift. Your whole body tells you that you are supposed to be asleep but you have to go against it. Your partner might not understand your struggles and it will put you off. It will make you angry towards them and them towards you. 

9. You Might Develop Jealousy – If you are too tired to have fun that does not stop your partner from having fun. There is nothing wrong in your partner having without you. But you might develop jealousy towards them when you see them taking the kids out, or them going out with his/her friends while you work or stay at home and sleep. 

10. You Take Offence At Little Things – When you feel like you have to work extra hard to make ends meet,  it develops a sense of righteousness inside you. You start taking offence in things you would have slide before. 

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