Guide To Flipping Mattress

Guide To Flipping Mattress

An average man spends about 9,125 days of his life on bed. Seems like a lot of time, isn’t it? Yes, it is and rightfully so. Humans spend one-third of their day sleeping on their bed which is absolutely necessary to refill their energy. A night of good sleep is very necessary for overall health. 

An average American spends about 5000$ on mattresses in a month. It might seem like a lot of money but when you spend so much time on that mattress, it is a valid investment. World’s costliest mattress can go over 1 million dollars. So, you can tell how important a requirement mattress is in our daily lives.

A good quality mattress can last for way more than ten years. No, we don’t go for mattress shopping every second day. That’s the exact reason why you should consider doing some research before you make an investment. Now, If you are spending so much money on a product then you should make sure you get the best that there is in the market. Don’t go broke though, that’s not what I meant. Let’s discuss what I am talking about.

There are several types of mattresses in the market with varying durability. For instance, spring mattresses are considered to be on the expensive side. Whereas, memory foam mattresses are cheaper but effective nevertheless. This might vary with the quality of the mattress you are buying.

Expensive mattresses may fool you by saying they are non-saggy, non-compressible and retain their shape. Doesn’t all these words sound a little gimmicky? Because they are. 

No mattress in the mattress industry is sag free. Yes, cheap mattress sag early while the good ones might take longer but every mattress sags over time. If a salesman has ever told you otherwise, be sure he is doing his job. That is, selling the product by hook or by crook. Don’t worry though, I am not here to scare you. I am here to tell you how to keep your mattress from sagging.

How To Keep Your Mattress From Sagging :

Flip and rotate your mattress. Flipping is known to be the most effective and common way of keeping your mattress from sagging sooner. You might think to changing the spring should be the way to restore your mattress but changing the spring will cost you more than actually buying a new one. 

Instead, next time try flipping your mattress to increase its longevity. 

How To Flip Your Mattress?

Flipping your mattress is easy, except for the bit of labour which would be worth it.  It’s pretty basic, you don’t need to do any math. Although, physically it might be a bit of challenge. Call for help if you need to. 

Flipping means you literally flip the mattress upside down. That is bottom comes on top and top goes in the bottom. Not every mattress supports flipping, keep reading below to know what kinds of mattresses can be flipped. 

How To Rotate Your Mattress?

If you have a square bed you can rotate your mattress any side you want, it wouldn’t make a difference. However, for most of us, we have a rectangular mattress which can only be rotated 180’. 

That is, floorboard side comes to the headboard side and vice versa.

What Causes Sagging In A Mattress?

Sleeping in the same place over a long time causes sagging. If you are a full grown adult you will be putting pressure on the mattress every night when you sleep. That’s an average weight of 137 pounds, it’s bound to compress your mattress to some level. It obviously does not happen in one day but over time and with regular usage it causes your mattress to sag. You cannot avoid sleeping on your bed, that’s the whole purpose of a mattress, right? What you can do is try things that can help to lessen the effect of your weight on the mattress. Flipping and rotating your mattress is a great way to do so.

What Kind Of Mattress Can Be Flipped?

Popular mattresses nowadays are a two-sided flippable mattress. It can be used by flipping it in both sides.  

Here Are The Two Types Of Commonly Known Mattress: 

Innerspring Mattress – Our old spring mattress, I am talking grandma old, it did not have cushioning on both sides. It only had a cushion on the top and it could not be flipped. 

However, the mattresses made nowadays have a cushion on both the sides and can be flipped to be used for both sides. Check with your retailer before you try flipping a spring mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress – A very popular mattress in the market is memory foam mattress. This one has become a cult favourite in the past few years. It is made of dense foam. It helps people with back pain. It moulds to your body when you sleep on it. Regular usage softens the material making it comfortable to sleep in. This type of mattress can be very well flipped or rotated without a problem. Although rotating this type of mattress is more common than flipping.

Are Non-flippable Mattresses Good?

You might have heard salespeople in the store pitching their product telling you that the mattress does not need to be flipped. You might automatically assume, it’s a high-quality mattress that’s why you don’t need to flip it. Well, that’s not the truth. The truth is the mattress cannot be flipped. Since the bottom material is hard and you can not sleep on it. These are marketing tactics. Non- flippable mattresses are usually low quality and sag quickly. 

Why Should You Flip Or Rotate Your Mattress?

We all have a favourite side of the bed where we fall asleep faster. Or we sleep with our partner. Our sleeping pattern has a very limited variety, which causes us to put pressure on the same spot on the mattress. Sleeping in the same place for days makes your mattress dip or sag over time. It can be very uncomfortable to sleep in.

Here Are Some Bad Effects Of Sleeping On The Uneven, Indented Or Saggy Mattress:

  1. Sore Muscles And Back Pain – Have you ever woken up in the morning with tight muscles? No matter how much you stretch the tightness does not seem to go away. Maybe it’s time to change the mattress. A bad mattress can lead to sore muscles and back pain
  2. Drowsiness – An uneven mattress hinders a good sleep leading you to feel tired whole day.
  3. Obesity – Good food and sex as well. A restless night can lead to bad health and hence obesity.
  4. Heart Condition – Lack of good sleep will lead to heart problems early in life.
  5. A Bad Sex Life – A bad mattress will disrupt your sleep cycle. It leads to several problems including lowered libido.
  6. Headache – If you sleep in indented mattress for a long time your brain will not get enough blood and you will wake up with headaches. 

Sounds like a lot, right? Yes, it in fact is. 

A bad, uneven mattress is one of the causes of insomnia as well. 

What If I Don’t Flip My Mattress?

Flipping and rotating your mattress on a regular basis distributes the pressure throughout the surface. So, if you put pressure on the same place for a long time, say 1 year it will sag. Flipping the mattress keeps the mattress even for a longer time. 

If you don’t flip the mattress, for the first few years it wouldn’t make much difference, however, once the mattresses get indentations. it very difficult to get it back in shape. 

How Much Should You Flip The Mattress?

Don’t go overboard. You don’t need to flip your mattress every month. That’s a bit too extreme considering it takes a lot of energy and body strength to move your mattress. Moreover, who has the time to flip their mattress every few days? We wouldn’t even remember we need to flip the mattress until we notice it sagging. 

Well, don’t wait for it to sag. Do it once in six months and that will do it. Seems reasonable right? Not too often, not too late.

You can also alternate between rotating and flipping that way you are getting your weight evenly spread out on top-bottom and both sides. 


  • Buy flippable high-quality mattress for longer use.
  • Flip your mattress every six months.
  • Avoid sleeping in uneven mattress.
  • Alternate between flipping and rotating your mattress.

Do you flip your mattress? Comment below and tell us what type of mattress you prefer.

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