Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

Heimvision Sunrise Alarm Clock Review

Most of you would agree that waking up is the worst part of the day. Who wants to wake up to a cranky alarm clocks hammering your brain early in the morning. If you are someone like me you would put it to snooze as soon as it starts. You’d rather be late than wake up on the first alarm. Today we will discuss Heivision Sunrise Alarm Clock. A unique multifunctional alarm clock that wakes you up without being irritating. 

Evolutionarily speaking, our bodies are made to wake up to the sound of bird’s chirping and the morning sun shining on us, not the loud siren like alarm. It’s like waking up the feeling of your house being on fire. The loud sound sends your brain into panic. I guess that’s how the name ‘Alarm’ came to be. You wake up stressed and start your day stressed. Exactly what you don’t need.  

This Alarm clock has light and sound settings. It starts from low brightness then goes to high, mimicking the effects of a rising sun and naturally waking you up. The added nature sound is soothing and stimulates your circadian rhythm. 

The device looks like something straight out of a sci fi movie. There are a few buttons at the side. Using them at first may seem a little confusing but try and test it for a few seconds and you will figure it out soon. It can be controlled by a mobile app but we will come to it later. 

You need to keep the clock plugged in for all the functions to work. 

Here’s How You Use It: 

  1. To Set Up The Time

 Hold the button with the clock sign on it for few seconds. Select the hour first. Suppose it’s 7 o’clock at night. Now, use the up and down button to come to the number ‘7’. Press the clock sign button again lock the number in and move on to minutes. Again use the up and down button to come to the right minute, press the button again to lock on minutes. You will see the option to choose 12 hr/ 24 hr setting, choose accordingly. 

  1. Set Up Alarm

Hold the button with alarm clock sign for few seconds until the alarm clock sign lights up on the time display. Adjust the time with the plus and minus button, same way the time was set up. 

Once you have set up the time, press the button for the third time to choose an alarm sound. There are seven sounds or the FM ratio available. Use the up and down buttons to choose any one. When you press the alarm button for the fourth time you can choose the volume of the alarm clock. 

Click the alarm clock button for the fifth time, use the plus and minus button to set up the intensity of the light. There are 20 brightness settings available. I would recommend using L10 for alarms. Press the button for the sixth time to set up sunrise simulation time from 10 to 60min. For this 30 mins is a good enough time.

  1. Other Buttons

Snooze – There is a snooze button to snooze the alarm clock for 9 minutes. It’s the button with the sleepy face.

Light – The light button can be used to switch on the clock light. L~20 on the light setting is bright enough to be used as a bedside lamp. 

Music – Radio button can be used to listen to FM radio. You can adjust the volume with the plus and minus sign button. Long press the plus and minus sign buttons to search frequencies.

Nature Sound – Press the moon sign button to choose white noise. It can be natural sounds such as rain, busy restaurant etc. There are a total of seven sounds. 

Coming To The App

  • Everything I have mentioned above can be done on the app as well. Download the app on your smartphone. You can either search for it by name or you can scan the QR code on the instruction manual. 
  • Sing-In The App – Select lightning Device and add it. On your alarm clock, long press the snooze button to activate the wifi. Now, you can \pair the device to your phone. Once the clock is paired to the app you can start using it. 
  • In the App you will find a varied range of options you can choose from. You can mix and match the sounds and lights to make custom alarm clock that works best for you. 
  • This clock not only helps to wake you up but helps you to go to sleep as well. You can play the white noise at night for better sleep. White noise has proved to cancel out any distracting noises such as traffic noise, construction noise, your partner’s snoring and pet’s noises. 
  • You will notice a significant difference in your sleep pattern once you start to use this alarm clock. 

My Personal Experience

The resentment I have towards my alarm clock is no child’s play. It’s only a miracle that the thing hasn’t disintegrated by itself yet. I bought Heivision Sunrise when I was in serious need of a better way to wake up. Trust me, I had tried everything. Asking someone else to open the blinds in the morning. Putting my favourite song as the alarm sound. Nothing could have made me hate my favourite song more than this. This alarm clock was the last thing I wanted to try before I completely gave up. 

You Will Have To Use It To Believe Me. 

My body was so adjusted to the alarm clock that waking up in the morning became effortless. It’s as if my brain knew I was supposed to wake up when the time came. Your body’s circadian rhythm becomes better. You would love the peaceful way the alarm clock wakes you than the blaring, mind numbing sound of a traditional alarm clocks. 

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