How Heavy Is A Queen Mattress

How Heavy Is A Queen Mattress?

Queen size mattresses can weigh anywhere around 120 to 160 pounds (54 to 72 kgs). The weight may vary depending on the type of mattress material. Weight of a mattress is related to the quality of the materials used to construct it. Poor mattress quality can cause restless, REM-deficient sleep, pain, and medical issues. High-quality mattresses provide deep, restful sleep and endure considerably longer than low-cost beds. Denser mattresses are less likely to get dented over time and lose their shape. Potential buyers should also pay particular attention to the materials themselves, such as the ILD rating and foam density, as well as the coil count and gauge of the innerspring coils. Higher-quality mattresses tend to be heavier than lower-quality mattresses, the weight is a result of the quality rather than the other way around.

Popularly there are found types of mattresses available in the market, hybrid mattresses, innerspring, latex, and memory foam. The weight of a hybrid queen size mattress is roughly 100 pounds (45 kgs). A coil spring support base and at least a 2-inch comfort layer are included in a hybrid mattress. Hybrid beds are great for people who need pressure relief or prefer a cooler sleeping surface.

A queen-size innerspring mattress weighs 70 pounds(31 kgs). A conventional innerspring mattress has a thin comfort layer on top and steel coils underneath. Innerspring beds are well-known for their low cost and widespread availability.

The weight of a latex queen size mattress is 140 pounds (63 kgs). Natural latex is used to make latex beds.

The weight of a queen-size memory foam mattress ranges from 75 to 90 pounds (34 – 40 kgs). Memory foam mattresses include supportive foam layers that are thick and dense. The foam layers in these beds adjust to your body’s particular contour.

Queen mattresses are for people sleeping alone. Maybe you live alone in an apartment, or sharing a room with a roommate, a queen size mattress would be perfect for sleeping alone. It is also great for couples who have a small space in their bedroom.

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