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Relationships are not always perfect. At some point  your partner may disagree from you on some topic which leads to arguments between the two. Well insomnia can also be one cause of the arguments or leading to bad relationships between two or a family. In this article we will go through how insomnia affects relationship


What is insomnia?


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects million of people worldwide. Individuals with insomnia find its difficult to sleep or we can say that they don’t feel sleepy when the whole world sleeps.

Insomnia commonly leads to sleep during daytime,lethargy and the feeling of being unwell both mentally and physically.


Symptoms Of Insomnia


1.Difficulty falling asleep at night

2.Waking up during the night

3.Waking up too early

4.Not feeling well-rested after a night’s sleep

5.Daytime tiredness or sleepiness

6.Irritability, depression or anxiety

7.Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering

8.Increased errors or accidents

9.Ongoing worries about sleep


Insomnia Causes Irritation And Frustration


When someone don’t sleep whole night automatically ones get irritated and frustrated. And this irritation and frustration lead to spoil our relationship. At starting when people dont get sleep they feel good as long as someone is their to talk to them, but as soon as you are alone you start feeling distressed. You feel like no one is there for you. The whole world sleeps and you be awake.One always gets into depression due to insomnia.


Now let’s take a brief look at it, for example. When you don’t get sleep at night it’s obvious you’ll feel sleepy in the daytime. And when you sleep during the daytime your parents usually scolds you for being awake up late night. And we often get into an argument with our parents due to this.


You get mentally sick when you when you don’t sleep at night. This causes depression, frustration, irritation which always to leads to an arguments to your dear ones. This frustration grows day by day and makes you more sick.


You lose your decision making power. According to the Sleep Disorders Institute, people with insomnia an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough to be rested say they have a difficult time dealing with even minor stress. They also have more problems relating to other people in social and work settings than those without insomnia. Some research shows that people with insomnia generally have a lower quality of life than people who do not have sleep difficulties.


According to the Sleep Disorders Institute, people with insomnia is believed that they have a difficult time dealing with small problems even. .


Insomnia Affects The Part Of Your Brain That Solves Problem


According to the science a person must have an average sleep of 7-8 hours. No sleep makes you sick mentally and physically both.


It affects the part of your brain that solves the problem. One will get irritated when he/ she has to go through a problem, because his brain is not in the state of making right decision. And one always take wrong decision in that situation, which ultimately affects the relationship between two.


Measures To Prevent Insomnia


  • One should maintain a regular bedtime routine.
  • One should eat well to sleep well.
  • One should practice yoga regularly
  • One should avoid regular intakes of caffeine
  • One should keep themselves away from cell phones, laptop and any other digital gadget at the time of sleep.
  • One should avoid nicotine.


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