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How many days in a week do you go to sleep regularly on time? Well in this article we’ll look at some ways how to fix your sleep schedule

Well it’s not possible for one to be able to sleep regularly on time. People have many responsibilities such as young children, taking care of someone, working in a shift base routine; well all this makes one’s sleep irregular. The sleep routine usually gets spoiled.

Nowadays most of the teens are being awake late night chatting on whatsapp or other social media, which make their sleep routine bad. Well this ultimately becomes their routine ‘Sleeping late and waking up late’.

Having a regular sleep schedule is one of the best way to improve your sleep and maintain a good sleep hygiene. But sometime its just not under our control.

Maintain Regular Sleep Schedule

Let’s first take a look at how to get our sleep pattern back.

Well it doesn’t  matters at all what time you sleep at, just try to maintain the wake up routine i.e. if you sleep at 3am in the night, be awake at the time you regularly wake up. If you are able to do so ultimately you’ll feel sleepy early next night.

Other thing we can do is try to maintain an ideal sleep routine:

  1. Go to bed at 10 pm, read books or hear slow musics. (whichever you like)
  2. Switch off your lights at 10:30 pm and go to sleep as soon as possible.
  3. Wake up early at 7 am.

Don’t Lie Awake In Bed Getting Stressed

Sometimes you find yourself not feeling sleepy when it’s your sleep time, or sometime you go to bed but still you can’t sleep and you stay awake, well at this time you need to do some other things like;

  • Don’t go to bed unless you’re sleepy
  • One can read books till the time he/she don’t feel sleepy
  • You can practice some relaxation exercise
  • Get out of bed if you not feeling sleepy, because it gives you more stress  

Sleep Restriction Therapy

Sleep restriction theory is actually the time you spend in bed compared to the time you stay awake.

Let’s have a look at some of the theory


  • Maintain a sleep diary. Here, you can write down all your schedules and the amount of sleep you need to have.
  • Go to bed only when you are sleepy. Don’t lie on bed when you are not sleepy. Go to bed when its your sleep time
  • You need to work toward the desired amount of sleep you need.

Protect Your Sleep Schedule

Once you’ve made your mind for the sleep schedule you should follow it strictly. It should be your priority. You just can’t hope it to come at night. You’ll have to follow your schedule.

Do You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night ?

One can sleep easily at a regular time but then they find they awake at the middle of the night.  It feels really bad to be awake at 3am in the night. One will feel really depressed or frustrated.

Time goes very slow at that time.

Well you may get shock after hearing this, according to science and history there evidence to suggest that it is not harmful but for some people it can even be beneficial.


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