How To Sleep On a Plane

How To Sleep On A Plane ?

While we’re travelling on a plane the most productive we can be on a plane is by sleeping. Yes, you have read it correct, sleeping is the best time utilisation when you are travelling on a plane. You might think you could catch up on some work, read articles, watch movies to pass time but no, all that only tires you more instead of relaxing you.

Usually when people travel they need to go somewhere after getting down. Either to attend a meeting, a special occasion like a wedding, or tour. Youwould want to feel refreshed and well rested and ready to take on the day when you finally get down from the plane. No one wants to sleep in the bedroom and be jet lagged after reaching your destination. However, as easy as it may seem getting comfortable inside a plane and getting some shut eye can be very difficult.

In this article we will discuss some important tips on how to sleep on a plane.

1 . Time Of Flight
Sometimes, It is easy to pick a time for the flight according to your convenience but sometimes you have to pick the time according to your schedule. If possible try to pick up a flight in the evening or at night.

Our body clock is very time-sensitive. Our bodies automatically know when it is daytime and when it is night. During night hours our body produces melatonin. A hormone produced by our brain to manage sleep and wake cycle. The hormone helps us sleep. Especially during 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the level of melatonin is highest in the body. When you are in a flight during this time you have an easy time falling asleep. If you suffer from insomnia and do not get sleep during the night. Some natural sleeping pills for flights such as melatonin supplements can help you get better sleep.

2 . Be Mindful Of The Seating Arrangement

How well you sleep is influenced greatly by where you are sitting. If you are sitting in the edge seat or in the middle seat, you will have a hard time sleeping. As at night people tend to go to the bathroom, every time someone beside you would want to go to the bathroom, you will have to adjust and move.When you get interrupted during sleep, it is as good as getting no sleep. Try to book a window seat. It is the most comfortable place to sleep in. You can lean your head on the side wall and sleep soundly. It is also the coziest place to sleep in. No one will interrupt you when they need to go to the bathroom and you will get long hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3 . Choose Comfortable Clothes

If you don’t have to be somewhere immediately after getting down the plane, then try to wear something loose and comfortable for your flight. Don’t worry about what people will make of you, or whether you will look good enough. When you are travelling, no one really cares how you look and how you dress. You can ignore my suggestion if you are trying to find a date on the flight. Otherwise, wear something that fits your style and is comfortable as well.

4 . Wear Socks

Socks make you feel cosy. They keep your feet warm and keep you comfortable at night. When you wear socks, it gives you the feeling of as if you were sleeping on your own bad. This little mind trick helps you to fall asleep faster.

5 . See What You Eat And Drink

Before boarding the plane there are few things that you should avoid drinking and eating. For firsts,coffee and second, alcohol. Coffee and Alcohol both are stimulants of different variety. Coffee is high in caffeine which can interrupt your sleep and make it hard to fall asleep. While alcohol makes you feel drowsy but it does not help you to get a relaxing sleep. When you wake up from alcohol drowsed sleep you are hungover and more tired than ever. Do not eat oily and greasy food. It can give you heartburn and interrupt your sleep. What you should do is eat something healthy, do not go empty stomach as that can be uncomfortable. Sip on water to keep yourself hydrated.

6 . Ask For A Blanket

Ask the air hostess for a blanket. A blanket can help you to fall asleep faster as it provides you covering to make you feel comfortable. Sometimes, people don’t feel cosy and protected enough to sleep without a covering. If you are one of those people, asking for a blanket is your best bet.

Carry essential sleep aid for long flights
If you have decided to sleep on the plane, make sure to bring some supplies which includes neck pillow, earmuffs and eyemask. They take away all your senses of sight and hearing. It helps you to concentrate on your sleep rather than what’s going around you.

7 . Keep The Seat Belt On

Planes spend a significant amount of time in taking off and landing. You do not want to get interrupted by the air hostess asking you to put on the seatbelts Keep the seat belt on and keep the air hostess away from interrupting your sleep.

8 . Do Not Be On Your Electronic Device

The blue light from your electronic device or any kind of monitor make your sleep disappear. If you are already prone to sleep deprivation, you should try to avoid any kind of screen like your phone, laptop, tablet, Macbook on the screen in front of you. If you can’t fall asleep without engaging your mind on something, then try to read a book. A physical book to be specific. It will help you take your mind off from stressful things and make you fall asleep faster.

Sleeping on the plane while travelling can help you feel refreshed after you get down the plane. Some of the common ways of getting good sleep is eating healthy before boarding the plane, carrying sleep aids for the plane, wearing comfortable clothing, choosing the right seat and time of flight.

Do you have any advice on how to to sleep on a plane? Please comment below and let us know.

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