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Let’s take a look at some ways how to sleep while travelling on plane

Score A Window Seat

If it’s possible for you to get a windows sit in a plane, lean against and rest your head on the side of the plane. It’s more easier to sleep upright than to sleep on a neck pillow.

How you can get a windows sit for yourself? Well build your relationship with airline. You can build a relationship by travelling as much as possible in a plane. Also make sure that there is enough space so that you can stretch your legs. The more you feel relaxed the faster you’ll fall asleep

Bring Some Comfort Item

Remember when you used to sleep with your favorite teddy bear as a child? Well being an adult you can on shawls, socks and a good playlist of song as your comfort item. Wrap the shawl around you, put your socks on, some soft music and you’ll fall asleep. Make it as comfortable as you are in your home.

Uncross Your Leg

When you sit with your legs crossed you usually lean on one side which could restrict your blood flow and it increases the chance of blood clot if the flight is of more than four hours.

A better way to sit is to keep your legs straight with your knees slightly bending. The more comfortable to you’re the faster you fall asleep.

Lean Back

Reclining your chair helps to ease some pressure from your lower spine. The less pressure you feel on your back the faster you fall asleep.

The second best position is to sit up straight. If your abdominal muscles aren’t strong you wont get any support from your lumbar part and that leads to lower back pain. To fix it you can place a lumbar pillow, it will help to keep the curve in your lower back.

Power Down

We all know that it’s hard to sleep with lights on. The same goes with the light produced by seatback TV screens, mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Electronic screens are same like sunlight. So it’s better to stay away from it.

Avoid Sleep Aids

If you are travelling alone be careful about the sleep medicines you use for yourself unless you know how it affects.

Avoid Alcohol

You may feel like having alcohol when you are on a vacation, right? Well it won’t help to you sleep peacefully. Alcohol initially promotes sleep but it last only for 3-4 hours and after that you can’t get back to sleep. You may wake up with a headache and feel thirsty. This may lead to huge consumption of water and that leads to you to go to bathroom frequently which will not allow you to sleep frequently.

Do Not Eat Too Much

Try not to eat your meal within 2 hours if you are trying to sleep. And must have normal foods.  Consumption of fatty foods may make you feel uncomfortable and it becomes harder for you to get sleep. When you eat a fatty meal your heart needs to work harder to pump more blood to your stomach and intestine. So, one should  avoid eating fatty foods before sleep.

Set Your Watch To Your New Time Zone

As soon as you leave your city set your watch to the time zone where you are travelling. It’s get easier for you to follow your new time routine.

Once you’ve landed stay up or take a nap of 15-30 minutes. And you should accept that it may take you few days to be normal and follow the regular routine.


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