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Best Mattress Topper For Heavy Person

Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of one’s daily life, we can’t function after getting sleep. If the time isn’t enough or if we aren’t comfortable while sleeping, we’re irritable the whole day. It’s clearly very important that we have proper sleep, for that we also need a proper mattress. However, if you’re a bit of a heavy person, camping beds might not be comfortable enough for you.

Mattress toppers do the same thing, they cover your entire bed and make it more comfortable for sleeping; they are clearly less expensive than replacing an entire bed. We’ve provided you reviews for some of the best mattress toppers out there to make your research easier and sleep better.

Things To Consider

Buying a mattress or a mattress topper is always quite a bit of investment, you need to know what your priorities are, your budget and the features of each mattress you shortlist. One of the most important qualities to check for is the material of the topper, some get hot, some might trigger allergies while some help with joint pain. 

After the material you should prioritize the thickness, it should always correspond with the thickness of the mattress; along with the place you live, like if you live in a cold region you might prefer a wool stuffed mattress as it’ll also keep you warm.

Try to always go for a mattress instead of a firm topper, however if you already have a cushiony mattress, you should try to go for a firm topper which can recreate some balance and ensure that you get as comfortable sleep as possible.


Using mattress toppers clearly have a lot of benefits for heavy people, including but not limited to; pain relief; Most of the mattress toppers help resolve some of the pain felt while sleeping on a normal mattress as they provide a right balance of cushion and firmness to ensure comfort for your joints. They also add in another layer between your body and the bed springs, allowing further relief.

Body heat/ cooling a lot mattress toppers regulate your body heat in a way that you sleep comfortably through the night, some of them retain the heat and circulate it while some stimulate airflow to cool your body down while sleeping.

Increasing mattress duration; considering most of your body weight and sweat doesn’t directly fall on to the mattress, it prevents the deterioration due to natural causes and even after repetitive use. 

Does Thickness Matter

Even us as normal people prefer to have thick mattresses, the ones that surround and practically engulf us as soon as we lie or sit on them, but it’s recommended to just not go ahead and buy the thickest mattress you find in a market.

For a memory foam, the basic rule is the thicker the mattress topper is, the more cushioning it provides. Since your mattress topper essentially acts as an extra layer on your bed, it’s often/ normally found at a minimum height of 1-2 inches which also makes it the wisest choice to go for a 2 inch.

While it also depends on the current situation of your mattress as it should also correspond to that. If your mattress is firm, you want your topper to be cushiony so you might opt for a 2-4 inch topper; however, if your mattress is already cushiony you might need a firm topper to balance it out, either ways a 2 inch mattress topper seems to be the most reasonable and safest choice in most cases or until you see otherwise.

 The thickness of the topper also has to correspond and support the weight of the user as it’ll correspond to how it allows your movement and cushioning they benefit from. It’s also clear that the thickness of the topper is very important, especially as it’s an extra layer on your bed and you want to be as comfortable as possible while sleeping.

1. Sleep And Beyond- Merino Wool Topper

This is one of the best choices for people living in cold countries or countries where the weather varies during the day and night as this doesn’t rely on synthetic fibre. Even though it doesn’t provide the same heat as a memory foam, it  does a great job at keeping you warm during the cold temperatures.

It is made of 100% organic cotton jacquard and is stitched excellently so that even if it doesn’t add any layer to the bed per se, it makes it a lot more comfortable to sleep on. The 1.5 inch of depth it possesses allows you to move around while still ensuring you’re cozy and comfortable.

And compared to other toppers in its price range ($339) it’s resistant to mites so you don’t need to worry about it being chewed on or having to replace it way too frequently.

Against its one disadvantage, that it might be expensive for people, it has visible benefits to make it a great investment; it’s good quality along with pain relief structure and elastic strips. It’s also well suited for cold weather due to the wool present.


  • Good quality
  • Pain relief structure
  • Elastic strips
  • Well suited for cold weathers


  • Might be expensive

2. Sleep Innovations 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Do you have joint pain and feel excess discomfort while sleeping? Sleep innovation’s 4 inch dual layer with memory gel is a great choice for you. The topper provides great support for your bones, spine as well as for your upper body.

The mattress is a firm mattress which holds on to your body heat to ensure that you sleep comfortably and properly. Along with this, if you can wrap the memory foam with a separate fiberfill topper a little bit fluffy under your mattress edges, it will ensure that the dual edges of the topper don’t slip away. The product also comes with 2 inches of quilted fiber fill that add a pillow resembling comfort to the topper, it’s also removable so you can machine wash it according to your needs.

The product is one of the very best in it’s existent price range, that is $129.99 along with the quilted fibre, it also comes with a 10 year warranty, hardly any other toppers in this range offer the features resembling this product in this good quality, it has a memory foam that captures your body heat, letting you sleep comfortably and is joint-pain friendly. It’s one of the most recommended and popular mattress toppers and the comfort provided is one you’d expect from a more expensive one. 


  • Quite easy to clean
  • Improves sleep quality
  • 10 year warranty
  • Helps with pain relief 


  • Might be expensive

2. Tempur Adapt 3-inch King Mattress Topper, Medium Luxury

One of the brands largely associated with delivering good and high quality products is tempur; they’ve released their premium, heavy duty mattress; it offers a medium firm option which is said to do a great job at holding a heavy person’s weight easily. Its mattress is just firm enough to be comfortable, not too hard and not so soft that you immediately sink into it. 

This mattress is also great for countries with hot weather as the premium foam present in it has cooling effects; however, the cooling depends upon your body figure and weight.

The material of the topper however, adapts to your body shape, temperature, and pressure which makes it much more comfortable for you to sleep on. Even though the product is made for a queen size bed, it can be adjusted almost everywhere perfectly, including but not limited to rooms, camps, dorm, etc. with high stretch fabric, temperature adaptive ability and breathability, it’s one of the best mattress toppers to take with you anywhere.

Along with its price of $499 it’s one of the more expensive toppers and certainly demands maintenance as well,the product can only be dry cleaned. If someone can overlook the price and afford it, it’s one of the very recommended options and for justified reasons; it has pain relief features, cools you down,allowing more comfortable sleep. Along with ease of use, it also enhances the support and comfort of your existing mattress.


  • Good sleep quality
  • Comfortable
  • Easy usage
  • Helps with pain


  • Can only be dry cleaned
  • Size adjustment is difficult
  • Is expensive

3. LUCID 3 Inch Gel Memory Mattress Topper

This has been one of the most recommended and suitable mattress toppers for everyday use; with less price but great quality, features and comfort it’s one of the best toppers out there if you’re in a bit of a financial jam.

This 2 inch mattress with high density is great for people who have frequent issues falling asleep; people generally end up waking from their sleep due to dreams, temperature or some other unexplainable reasons, however, this mattress solves some of those problems as it has infused gel instead of your normal memory foam.

The mattress helps stimulate air flow which makes your body more comfortable and breathable, helping you fall asleep quicker; along with this it helps alleviate zone pressures, making your body contour points more fixed on relaxing. The mattress also comes with zoning patterns, which help relieve pains in your pressure points, also helping you fall asleep quicker.

The topper comes with a 3 year warranty and is easily available for all sizes, rightly so as it’s quite durable and doesn’t deform even after 6 months.

For it’s pretty affordable price of $56.99, it has a lot of benefits, it’s lightweight, comfortable, good quality, helps with pain relief and inability to sleep with one flip side being it often gets hot due to its softness but that’s generally prevented by its infused gel.


  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Helps with pain
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • Good quality


  • Gets hot due to softness

4. Bamboo Mattress Pad

One of the most effective mattress toppers when it comes to keeping a body cool, the topper is made of rayon but with elements of bamboo, a naturally growing soft material. This provides an alternative to your inflatable foam mattresses but also often less preferred over mattresses with feathers but since people are also often allergic or sensitive to feathers, the fiberfill present in it is hypoallergenic and perfect for them.  The topper is made for king size beds and can perfectly fit on mattresses that are 18” deep.

For it’s price of $119.99 it’s clearly a bit expensive but a perfect fir for heavy people in hot countries as the material will definitely keep you cool as well as the product is easy to clean and comes with good quality and comfortable covers. Even though it gets a bit hot sometimes due to its softness, which is the polar opposite of its function, it also has a 30 days money back guarantee so you can return it easily without any loss if the product isn’t fit for you.


  • Good quality
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Money back guarantee


  • Might be expensive
  • Gets a bit hot due to softness

5. DreamFoam 2 Memory Foam Topper

This topper was created for the purpose of enhancing the comfort of your mattress by providing you pressure point relief and contouring. If you were hoping to find a mattress that reduces the time you spent in discomfort while sleeping, this might be ideal for you.

The mattress topper has 2 inches of gel infused memory foam and it keeps your body straight without making it too uncomfortable or giving you a sinking feeling. The gel also provides a tie-dye appearance to the foam and prevents your body heat from being inducted to the memory foam.It also has official certification that it doesn’t contain any kinds of harmful chemicals.

 For the price of $110.96 you get a topper that helps with pain relief, is easy to use and extremely comfortable. It also comes with a 3 year warranty in case something happens in the early years of usage.


  • Easy to use
  • 3 year warranty
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • Comfortable
  • Pain relief


  • Might be expensive
  • It gets hot due to softness

6. LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Mattress Topper

Linespa has a well reputed fame that precedes it. It has been known to produce great quality mattresses but, sometimes with a short lifespan.

This has been one of the most recommended and popular options in mattress toppers and for particularly valid reasons. The mattress, even with the half price of premium options, provides the same if not more comfort and quality.

The 3 inch memory foam feels like a particularly firm but still cozy hug; the topper provides just enough firmness for a sleeper and also contains temperature regulating gel beads to evenly distribute body heat to keep you warm while you sleep. The unique egg-crate design and gel infusions work to increase the airflow and help regulate your temperature while you sleep.

The memory foam also helps your body in relieving pressure pain and the breathable open cell design disperses your body weight to allow you to be comfortable in whatever position you decide to sleep in.

For a pretty cheap price of $59.99 you get the comfort of a mattress way higher from this price range; it also comes in 2 different sizes so you don’t have to worry abt the dynamics of the sizing as well. The gel beads present do a great job of regulating your body heat and keeping you cool oftentimes.


  • Very comfortable
  • Helps with pain
  • Firm enough for comfort 
  • Temperature regulating gel beads
  • Pretty cheap
  • Comes in 2 sizes.


  • Firmness is a hit or miss depending on the person.


Mattresses are differentiated by their thickness, firmness, and material composition, which makes them more comfortable for those with specific body types and less comfortable for others. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, a medium firm or hard mattress with limited cushioning layers and a strong support structure would most likely provide the most comfortable sleeping experience. Having said that, mattress tastes are entirely subjective. We give basic recommendations based on feedback from sleepers of various weights, but ultimately you are the best judge of which mattress is the most comfortable for your body.

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