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Tossing and turning all night never feels good. Sleep is something which is very essential. According to a survey an estimated of around 164 million people all over the world suffer from sleep deficiency. Sleep deficiency can lower our immune system and make our body difficult to fight to infections. Sleep deficiency often leads to result in gain weight, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. So let’s take a look at some natural sleep remedies we can follow to avoid sleep deficiency;

Put Away Technology

This  comes at the top  of the list. Most of us has a habit of keeping our cell phones within our arm length even when we go to sleep in our bed. This is a very bad habit. One should strictly avoid this.

According to the research the blue light emitted by the cell phone delay the onset of sleep.

We should turn our phone silent, keep it far from us so that we don’t get lost in social sites or anything else.

Get Out Of Bed

If you don’t get sleep within 20 minutes when you are in your bed, just get up from there and you can do some non interesting thing or you can read a book. And as soon as you feel drowsy just go back to bed.

Try Bedtime Yoga

Yoga relaxes our mind and make us ready for a good sleep. Yoga acts as a  medicine for sleep disorder. We can sit crossed leg bending all the way forward, reaching our arms out straight in front with our heads down. This is one of the simplest yoga we can try before going to sleep.

Avoid Watching TV

People may think that it is a good idea to watch TV and sleep. But the latest research have shown that watching TV late night leads to insomnia, fatigue and results in bad health. So it’s better if we try to keep our self away from  TV during the night time.

Create A Pre- Sleep Routine

The main cause of insomnia is stress and it’s very important to deal with it. Doctors say that we can prepare a pre-sleep routine for us so that it’s easy for us to sleep.

Well we can take 1 hour and divide it into 3 parts. First 20 minutes we can spend doing something we enjoy, the next 20 minutes we can deal with our hygiene, and the last 20 minutes we can do some bedtime yoga. This way we can plan our pre-sleep routine.

Do Mental Math

Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night at 3am. This happens because of our brain.

Insomnia happens because of stress, so a doctor says that we should practice math that time so that we cannot think about anything else at that time. You’ll feel bored after sometime and automatically you’ll feel drowsy.

Stick To Your Sleep Schedule

Always maintain a regular sleep schedule i.e. go to bed and wake up same time everyday in a week. It is very important for us to maintain our sleep time and get the quality hour of sleep.

Make An Appointment With The Therapist

Book an appointment with the therapist and have a regular check up. Discuss about your problem with him/her. Take the therapy recommended by the therapist.

Use Earplugs

If you are not able to sleep due to the noise outside you can use earplugs. Earplugs block disruptive sounds but allow to hear the sound of alarm clock and fire alarms.

Listen To Slow Music

If you are not feeling sleepy you can listen to slow music or lullabies.  Don’t listen to rocking or party songs. Prefer to slow or soft music or instrumental. This can also help you in getting sleep.


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