Ways Of Putting Covers On Your Weighted Blanket

Replacing your old quilt with a new one can be tricky and it becomes trickier when it becomes a weighted blanket. The reason behind this goes: quilts are not changed now and then and are quite personal stuff. You don’t find yourself washing or laundering quilts on a daily basis, which is why we use quilt covers to keep them lasting. The same applies to our weighted quilts or blankets; duvet covers can extend the life of the weighted blanket as they can’t be washed like normal clothes. But we find it very difficult while putting these covers on weighted blankets as they are very heavy and big sized. Through this article, you’re gonna learn two simple yet useful ways to put covers on heavy weighing quilts and blankets.

Method One: Inside-out Method

In this method of putting the cover on a weighted blanket, you shall just need to follow these below-mentioned steps: 

1. Spread the weighted blanket on your bed such that there are no creases, wrinkles, or bumps therein.

2. Now turn your cover such that it’s in the form of an upside-down. Now reach inside the cover with your hands and grasp each bottom corner from inside with one hand holding each corner.

3. Now holding it in this position, just catch the 2 corners of weighted blankets from each one in one hand of yours. Then just keep going with the cover in its actual shape to get it completely covered. Hold the corners of the blanket and duvet and shake it several times to roll up the duvet. 

4. Tie the bedspread ring to the weighted blanket. Then tie a simple tight knot. Do this for any loops on the other corners and sides to keep it intact.

5. Tie the loop to prevent the weighted blanket from slipping in the duvet cover. If your duvet cover has a zippered edge, please zip it up to keep the weighted blanket inside. After closing the duvet cover, shake the blanket out to make it smooth.

Method Two: Rolling Process

In this method of putting covers on a weighted blanket, follow the mentioned steps:

1. Just rotate the cover inside and lay the blanket on the bed. Now fold the weighted blanket till half-length and later on fold it in half lengthwise again and place it on one corner of the lid.

2. Adjust the rope of the cover to the loop on the weighted blanket. To tie them, pass one of the short ropes through the loop on the ceiling and pull it through. Then tie it into a tight knot with another rope.

3. Roll the duvet cover and blanket from the headboard to the footboard. Put the duvet on the blanket near the headboard. Continue to roll the fabric until you reach the other end.

This way you can easily put the cover on your weighted blanket. If you are using a large weighted blanket, just ask a friend to help you roll it.

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