We have coaches for everything right? You will find a professional coach for business, life coaches, personal coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, and many more. 

It’s like nowadays we have coaches for everything, if we are saying everything does that count sleep too? Do we have sleep coaches? 

Yes, we have sleep coaches as well! Coaches are there to make anything that’s distressing you or causing impairments in functionality vanish completely from your life. It is the same with sleep coaches as well. Are you experiencing trouble sleeping? Are you tired of tossing and turning in bed all night? Is lack of sleeping bringing you down? Not getting adequate sleep brings down a person’s ability to function properly, both cognitively and behaviorally. If something starts interfering with your personal life and work-life then take that as a cue to get professional help.

If the lack of sleep is stopping you from giving your best at both personal and work life then it’s time for you to get the professional help that will break this vicious cycle of your disturbed sleep pattern and habits that’s causing it. This is where the sleep coaches play their role.

Let’s talk in detail about what exactly sleep coaches are and what all they do to give people their peacefully good night’s sleep.

What Is A Sleep Coach?

It’s good to have someone who keeps a check on your activities so you can perform better in the future, this is exactly what a sleep coach will do. They help those who are struggling to get proper sleep by reestablishing their old sleeping pattern.

What Do Sleep Coaches Do?

A good night’s sleep has the power to remove many of your psychological problems and is essential to recover and ward off illness and diseases.  A proper sleep pattern will help you concentrate better, will allow you to work more productively, perform tasks faster, boost your metabolism, and is good for your immunity. The body and mind will not function properly if you don’t allow them to rest properly. 

You can guess the importance of sleeping properly by looking at this- a proper sleep pattern will make your overall body function perfectly.  Better sleep will keep your skin healthy and glowing, your emotions will be under your control, decrease the risk of any kind of heart disease, strengthen the immune system, boost the metabolism, proper cognitive functioning, no more unnecessary stress, makes the bones stronger, lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, and many more.

You now know the importance of getting proper sleep, so can you imagine what will happen to your body and cognitive functions if you don’t get the required sleep?

If a proper sleep pattern does so many good things to your body what will happen if you don’t get the proper sleep? 

If you are one of those who can’t sleep properly and are worried about your health, then stop worrying and visit a sleep coach. A sleep coach will help you get those precious-much needed-extremely important good night’s sleep.

How Can Sleep Coaching Help?

Adults need 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep to function properly the next day. 

Let’s take snoring as an example, snoring means that there is a blockage in your air passage that causes hindrance in your sleep. Snoring will not allow you to have a peaceful sleep, even if you have slept for let’s say ten hours, and do not wake up fresh which means your body didn’t get enough oxygen due to snoring.  This will affect your health and neurocognitive functioning, and may also cause lethargy, headaches, and irritability.  We only know insomnia as a famous sleep disorder but sleep coaches know that more reasons can cause sleep deprivation, like snoring.

Sleep coaches’ job is to look into the patient’s clinical history to get an idea about other diseases the patient might be suffering from. Sleep coaches also help their patients get rid of their sleeping medications, which can cause side effects later in their life, by creating and guiding them towards a more natural environment that may help them get more good rest. 

Sometimes sleep coaches conduct an overnight sleep study to track the sleeping patterns of their patients to get an idea of what he/she is struggling with, what kind of habits are they indulging in that is causing them to create a bad sleeping pattern and with this information, sleep coaches will create a structured format of treatment that will help the patient get the much-needed rest. 

If your medical history is clear and medicines are ruled out by the sleep coach then it’s your lifestyle that will be the target of the sleep coach, they will try to fix your lifestyle to correct the unorganized sleeping pattern.  

If you think you are not ready to meet sleep coaches face to face, or you don’t want to meet the doctor yet, you can still get the help of sleep coaches through online platforms. Online sleep coaches are popular in Europe and the USA, where they will ask their clients to fill in sleep diaries so that they can get an idea of what’s wrong and what all needs to be done to get their clients their peaceful sleep. 

Increase In The Sleep Coaching Demand

In today’s work-obsessed society, getting proper sleep has become even more important. Because if you are working continuously without giving your body a proper rest then you are putting yourself in a very poor health condition. 

People are obsessed with work, some people are always on their phone or laptops, some are staying up late all night, either for fun or because of work, practicing these habits does nothing but damage your sleep pattern. That’s why sleep deprivation in adult populations is increasing day by day at an alarming rate.

This increase in sleep disorder cases has led to an increase in the work opportunities for sleep coaches. People are aware of the consequences they will have to face if they continue to indulge in bad practices, that’s why they are ready to and are not hesitant to seek help from sleep coaches to guide and support them in their sleep difficulty journey.

This has led to an increase in the demand for sleep coaches, not only in the USA but all over the world.

How Much Do The Sleep Coaches Make?

It’s obvious that when something becomes extremely popular, its price increases too. That’s what happened to sleep coaching jobs. The sudden increase in the demand for sleep coaches, allowed them to increase their payment. 

Maybe You should consider this as your wake-up call that it is time for a new career change.  Certified sleep coaches are in high demand with a growing number of busy parents worried about their babies’ sleeping patterns or just busy youngsters worried about their own disturbed sleeping patterns. 

How much do they actually make you may ask? What does the salary of sleep coaches look like? Is it satisfactory?

According to reports, the consultant fees for just one family or a client can generate as much as $3,000 in revenues. You don’t have to study day and night to become a certified sleep consultant, it only takes a couple of months to become certified! This is a great opportunity for those looking for a career change.  

If we talk about the different types of sleep coaches, then among them the most in-demand are the sleep coaches for babies because as mentioned above working parents need rest and they can’t stay up all night with their babies, so the demand for sleep coaches is skyrocketing.

This emerging career path will allow you to earn a fairly good amount of money, even the new graduates in this career are getting an average of 30 clients a month. The new coaches starting few for a single consultation is around $300-$400 and for home visits and virtual sessions, the sleep coaches can generate another $1,000 to $3,000 in income.

Adult Sleep Coaches And Toddler Sleep Coaches

Sleep coaches are also referred to as sleep practitioners, sleep trainers, sleep therapists, and sleep consultants who help their clients to develop a healthier sleep pattern. The different roles of sleep consultants have different guidance and treatment patterns but both adult sleep coaches and toddler sleep coaches will meet with their clients by phone, video calls, or in person. 

Both adult sleep coaches and toddler sleep coaches advise their clients on sleeping patterns and bedroom patterns, and some sleep coaches may even visit the client’s home for the assessment of their living environment.

After assessing the bedroom environment, sleep coaches may even coach and advise the client’s guardians or parents to help them improve their sleep patterns. 

Cooperation and understanding from the family of clients are very much needed because sleep coaches need many sources to gather information to identify what may be causing sleep difficulties in the client’s life and then provide the appropriate guidance and support so that the client can change the habits and other things that are causing them this distress.

If the case is severe, sleep coaches may create an organized plan after collecting the required information of the client, that can stretch for days or sometimes weeks. 

After giving the organized plan to their clients, sleep coaches wait for the set period to allow the plan to do the magic. After the completion of the period, they will conduct a meeting with the clients to check how well the guidance has been followed and if the plan worked or not. This plan-making process has proved to be working well for the clients, both for adults and for babies. According to reports, clients have noted a big difference in their lives and have experienced getting enough peaceful sleep because of the organized plan they followed sincerely.

Toddler Sleep Coaching Certification

Different institutes have different formats and duration for the sleep coaching course, but in general, the training focuses on setting the sleep pattern for children ages newborn to 5 years old. The parents of these children are usually busy with their work and find it difficult to stay up with their babies all night.  Many programs allow the flexibility to choose the duration of the course so you can complete it at your own pace. Sleep coaching for toddlers is also known as pediatric sleep training and almost all the training institute’s fees are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

What Are Some Techniques And Methods That Sleep Coaches Follow?

When you read about sleep coaching, you must have wondered what they do exactly to make a person’s sleeping pattern get on the right track?

What are the magic techniques they follow that make a person get their peaceful good night’s sleep?

Here are some methods and techniques that sleep coaches advises their client to follow to improve their sleep-

  • Proper Sleep Hygiene Is The Key To Proper Sleep

There are many habits a person can follow to improve sleep health, and sleep coaches figure out this habit and advise their clients to work on that. One major technique sleep coaches advise every adult is to only go to bed if you are sleepy, and don’t confuse sleepiness with tiredness. Because if you go to bed confusing tiredness for sleepiness then it is guaranteed that you will get out of bed within 30 minutes of not getting sleep. If this habit continues, your sleeping pattern will slowly start to disorganize. 

Sleep hygiene means keeping your bedroom environment in a way that is appropriate for getting the maximum amount of sleep, like keeping the room dark, free of any disturbing noises, and at a temperature that suits you the best, not too hot, not too cold.

  • Maintain a Diary

This is a method that almost all sleep coaches follow, and the reason is that they are effective and have shown positive results.

Sleep coaches will ask the client to keep a sleep diary and maintain it regularly with information that will help the client to get better and for sleep coaches to understand their client better. In this diary, the client is required to write the essential information about their daily life such as their bedtime, wake up time, how long does it take to fall asleep, how easily can they sleep, if there are any interruptions when you sleep, and the number and length of the naps they take in between. This information will help sleep coaches get a clear idea of what’s stopping you from getting your peaceful sleep and how to remove it from your life.

Apart from the above-mentioned information, the client can also fill the diary with details such as the type of food and drinks they have a day, if they drink caffeine or alcohol on a daily basis if they are on any medications, what’s their fitness status, and so on, this information will be of great help to sleep coaches.

  • Improvement In The Sleep Environment

Whether you are in your office, home, or any other place, the environment of the place should be nice and appropriate for you to function properly. This is the same for the sleeping environment as well if the place where you sleep is not sleeping appropriate then it can disturb your sleep pattern.

A sleep coach will advise you to dim the lights of your bedroom and will suggest you stop using electronic devices at least one or two hours before you go to bed.

The temperature of the room should be appropriate, you can also play soft music that will help you fall asleep faster, wear a soft and comfortable dress, make sure the pillows are soft, and bedsheets are clean and comfortable, these are some of the suggestions a sleep coach may provide. 

If the client has a pet, the sleep coaches may suggest the client and pet sleep separately in their beds to avoid any disturbance.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

The sleep diary the client maintains will also help the sleep coaches understand if the client has poor physical or mental health because your poor lifestyle can be the cause of your disturbed sleep cycle.

If after a thorough examination of the client’s mental and physical health, the sleep coach finds the condition to be serious, then they will suggest their client to their primary care provider, because sleep coaches are not medical professionals.

If the sleep coaches find out that their client is eating too much spicy food, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, consumption of fast foods, then sleep coaches will guide their clients to change their diet with new ones which will be more healthy and nutritious.

  • Family And Work Environment

Work from home is now a common thing in our society, and this may cause a person to feel difficulty to switch off from their work. Sleep coaches may suggest their clients to not work in their bedroom and to work somewhere else, like in a more active area of your house. 

Sleep coaches also suggest their clients stop working till late at night because this will disturb their sleep patterns.  Your work and personal life need boundaries because if not, the client will feel tired and burned out all the time and this is a major contributory cause for disturbed sleep patterns.

How To Become A Sleep Coach?

If you want to help others get something so important and want to feel satisfied by helping someone achieve something, then this is an ideal career choice for you. 

To become a sleep coach, you should be an excellent communicator and should know how to handle different people to get to know them better. 

Sleep coaching is a job that has no time boundaries, which means you can have flexible working patterns to fit in with your own life.  There is no background limitation in this career, but getting training in this course will help you become a good sleep coach. 

There are many sleep coaching training available that you can enroll yourself into to become a good sleep coach. The training includes certifications, courses, and programs. 

Training In Sleep Coaching

Best sleep consultant certification courses-

This training will allow you to be a sleep coach that jas certifications, essential skills, and required knowledge. Getting a certification will enable you to stand out among other sleep coaches and will attract more and more clients.

  • Sleep Science Coach Certification

This certification program will give you in-depth knowledge about sleep coaching and if you want you can complete it fully online. This course will help you learn technical knowledge about sleep. 

By the end of this certification program, you will learn about the importance of proper sleep, and about the effect lack of sleep has on mental and physical health.

Learning about sleep disorders is never boring, they are an interesting field of learning. This program will also teach you about sleep hygiene and the methods and techniques a person can use to improve their sleep pattern. 

You will get access to different kinds of tools and resources that will help you become a good sleep coach and you will leave how to sleep coach your client in an effective way.

  • Sleep Courses Coursera

Coursera is a well-known learning institute that offers so many certification programs, and sleep coaching is one of them. Coursera conducts various sleep coaching courses that are offered by top universities such as sleep neurobiology, medicine, and society, this course is offered by Michigan state university. This course will help you learn about information on the biological, personal, and societal relevance of sleep. 

This course focuses majorly on important sleep topics such as sleep disorders and sleep medicines.  

Another course is Emory University’s Biohacking Your Brain’s Health. This course includes techniques that will help you understand how to increase your brain’s fitness through nutrition, exercise, meditation, and Sleep. This will relax your brain and you can get a peaceful good night’s sleep easily.

After the completion of the course, you can receive your e-certificate by paying a small amount of fee the institute asks.

  • Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification Program

This sleep coaching course will give you all the information that is required to become a good sleep coach. The completion certificate of this course will help you get more clients and become a well-known sleep consultant for adults.

The major topics covered in this certification course are the topics of science and neurophysiology of sleep and adult sleep issues. This program will give you 18 modules that you need to complete and learn to get the completion certificate. These 18 modules include information about everything there is to know about adult sleeping patterns, such as adult sleep coaching methods and techniques. 

No need to worry if you have a busy schedule or have other work that needs your presence because this certification sleep coaching program is taught online. 

The best thing about this course is that they have live support calls for their students. If you have any doubts you can call one of their trainers easily.

  • Sleep Courses Offered By Udemy

Udemy is a website everyone knows, and it is famous for providing top-class educational courses online for students from different places in the world. 

Udemy is also famous for offering different kinds of helpful sleep courses, such as Top Sleep Tips: Practical and Life-Changing Sleep Advice. This certification course will teach you about the importance of a healthy diet to get proper sleep. This course will also help you learn about meditation and relaxation techniques.

By the end of this course, you will learn about the important changes that need to be made in a person’s lifestyle and diet so they can fix their sleep and get up every morning feeling refreshed.

Sleep and insomnia: Improving health with CBT and meditation, this course will teach you about the importance and applications of sleep hygiene, meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sleep medication, and supplements. 

This comprehensive course will give you access to different tools and methods that have proved to be very helpful for correcting sleep patterns completely that too at a faster rate.

Yoga for Insomnia: 7 Days to Sleep Like a Dream, is another effective sleep course offered by Udemy. In this course, the instructors will teach you about the importance of yoga to help you get more sleep.

  • The Sleep Deep Method

This certification course is famous worldwide and has proved to work its magic on clients at a faster rate than any other course. The foundation of this course was set and put together by the world-renowned sleep coach trainer Beatrix A. Schmidt.

This course is based upon the sleep deep method. Everyone who has completed this course and has undergone the training is certified to use this method on their client, and are allowed to advertise themselves as sleep deep method practitioners.

This course is available both online and offline. If you want, you can get one-on-one coaching to understand the methods deeply.