Sleep Cycles

Sleep Cycles & It’s Importance In Daily Life

Sleep is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of the routine. A night of good sleep can give you all the energy that is required for experiencing the most positive day. On other hand, a night of disturbed sleep can drain you of the energy that you possess.  

Therefore, sleep is an essential routine for maintaining energy. Sleep does not only act as the source of energy but it is also the most important time for the body. Many hormones are secreted during a good sleep that holds a special status in growth, development, and energy. This feature makes sleep a highly significant part of our daily routine. 

The benefits of good sleep are listed below, in brief, to help you understand the significance. The awareness of these benefits will increase your attention towards the importance of sleep. 

  1. The energy throughout the day- As stated earlier, a night of good sleep can make your day a swift ride. The social routine, as well as the personal routine, is something that requires energy throughout the day. The better a person can sleep, the better he/ she can enjoy the work and day. 
  2. Proper Circadian Rhythm- The circadian rhythm refers to the 24-hour daily routine. A good circadian rhythm reflects a maintained routine. Circadian rhythm is directly linked to the secretion of the hormone. Therefore, following a good circadian rhythm can be the key to working effectively. 
  3. Mental fitness- Sleeping is the best way to make your mind relax. The calmness that is attained through sleep can never be ignored. This helps the person in achieving good mental fitness and a positive attitude for an entire day. 
  4. Physical fitness- Because of the positive mental state and good circadian rhythm, the best results can be achieved with ease in physical fitness too. If you have been relaxed completely, your energy levels will be translated into exercising. This will reflect your physical fitness. 
  5. Emotional fitness- Ever wondered that the mood after a good night’s sleep is always good. That is because of Physical and mental fitness start working in a complementary manner. 

With good moods, high energy, proper physical, mental, and emotional state, any person can make each day successful. The sleep of a person thus can make a huge impact on his/ her character. This helps the good sleepers have leverage over the people who do not have a good sleep pattern.  

People wonder about their sleep patterns a lot. They must understand the sleep cycles to categorize their sleep and themselves as good sleepers. If one wants to analyze if he/ she is a good sleeper or not, the following description of the sleep cycle will come in handy. 

Sleep Cycle- 

The sleep cycle is generally divided into 5 stages. Each sleep cycle is considered to be about 90 minutes long. A night of good sleep is said to be achieved with 7-9 hours of sleep each night. The 7-9 hours of sleep is the expert recommendation. People experience the following stages during each cycle of sleep. 

  1. Wake- This is the time that we spend on the bed. This is mostly before the sleep period but is not limited to it. The waking period also exists in between two cycles. In the general explanation, you experience the wake period when you seem to think that your sleep has been interrupted. People do fall asleep after the wake period. The waking period is very brief. It is not counted by many people while considering good sleep. But the wake period is an essential part of the sleep cycle. The awake stage of the sleep cycle is the initiation point for not only the first cycle but for the coming ones and therefore, the wake period holds significance in the sleep cycle. 
  1. Light Sleep- The stage that comes after awake is the Light sleep stage. This leads to the deep sleep stage. Light sleep acts as a foundation for the sleep stages that come next. If the light sleep is good, the later stages come in easily. There are many changes too that the body experiences. The following points will help you in identifying the characteristics of good sleep. 
  • The whole body is relaxed. 
  • Muscles and each of the body parts is relaxed due to low blood pressure.  
  • Body temperature also decreases. 
  • Transition to the wake stage is easier. 
  • Heart rate and respiration also slow down. 

The characteristics will help you in categorizing your sleep. The power naps that some people take often can be categorized as the light sleep stage. After a light sleep one can easily wake up. The transition is smooth and does not make anyone look sleepy. 

  1. Deep sleep- Deep sleep, as the name suggests is stronger sleep than light sleep. The transition from deep sleep to the awake stage is not easy and can ruin your emotional state, which is termed mood. Deep sleep is a momentous stage because it is the stage where the body gets restored properly. The energy and physical restoration are being done at this stage. At the stage of deep sleep, Hormone secretion is increased, steps for body growth and development are completed. The steps for body growth and development include tissue regeneration and waste management by the body. Waste management includes the step wherein, the brain is the organ to lay off the waste. This is the reason that helps you to get energized and fresh after a good sleep. Deep sleep is an essential part of the sleep cycle. At this stage, studies have shown that brain waves are longer and slower. 
  1. Rapid Eye Movement (REM)- This is one of the most memorable parts of the sleep cycle. Many people often consider that seeing dreams during sleep indicates a good sleep. The same holds because the REM stage, which is the rapid eye movement stage, is the one wherein, the person can experience vivid dreams. Respiration, that is the breathing and heart rate increases in this stage. The whole body becomes immobile. The same happens to prevent you from enacting the dreams. The eyes on the other hand are not stopped by this and the rapid movement of the eyes reflects a person experiencing the REM Stage. The REM stage is considered to be one of the most beneficial stages for the development of creativity, problem-solving, and many other virtues. 
  1. Repeat- The whole cycle, from the awake stage is repeated till the REM Stage. An average sleep includes 3-5 repeats of all the stages. This concludes one pattern of the sleep cycle.  

Conclusion- The sleep cycle is essential to be understood because of the importance of sleep. Many people overwork their minds and body because they ignore the importance of sleep. A night of good sleep will help you in taking a step back. It will help you in getting prepared and organized for the next day. So, you can cover the step that was taken back with a long jump. Getting organized and energized is the key to achieving the desired outcome and a night of good sleep can be the key to that. So, understand the pattern of good sleep, categorize your sleep pattern and make the changes for attaining the best sleep cycle. Since sleep is a vital component, improvement in the quality of sleep is now considered important too. There are now many products that can help in achieving sound sleep. Search for the best product and optimize your sleep cycle.

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