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Sleep Tips For Night Shift Wokers

Sleep Tips For Night Shift Wokers
If you’re among the 20 million American workforce that does the graveyard shift, then it’s highly likely you must be having trouble with sleep.

By nature, humans are meant to sleep during the night and wake up during the day. Daytime sleep is light sleep, meaning the night shift workers don’t get proper benefits of sleeping. Add to that, the people around them have their chores during the day. So noises and other distractions hurt their sleep.

If this sounds familiar, then continue reading on. We have some tips for night shift workers to fall asleep quickly and build an effective sleeping habit.

1. Sleep Quickly

After your shift is over, don’t waste time doing chores or in mindless pursuits. You should develop a sleeping routine. Do your most important task, give some time to relax and try to sleep as soon as possible. There could be odd days where you need to drag on for few hours during the day but don’t make it a habit. Take an hour or so maximum for relaxing and preparing for sleep. You can take a hot bath, read a book, have a meal and then sleep.

2. Darken Room

Yes, you need to treat your day like a night. Make your bedroom dark. Invest in a good blackout curtain with light blocking features. You can get blackout curtains for the door as well as windows on Amazon for few dollars. You can also use sleep masks to help minimize the incoming of the light ray.

3. Have Oats Meal

If you go to sleep hungry, chances are you’re going to wake up due to hunger. So, its advisable to have a proper meal. Have something that takes time to digest like Oats. However, if you don’t like oats, you can have anything you like. If you don’t like having something, have a couple of dates or drink a glass of milk. However, fill your stomach and don’t go to sleep empty stomach.

4. Avoid All Distractions

Keep your phone on silent. Give your phone to the spouse or any member of your family if you feel missing out an important message. Put your doorbell off or put a sign that you’re sleeping. If you have kids and need help with noises, then you can buy a pair of earplugs.

5. Avoid Caffeine

I know this is hard. However, try to resist caffeine at least during the latter part of your shift. Caffeine takes a lot of time to digest. So, it would be frustrating if you have caffeine in your body while you’re trying to sleep.

6. Some Sleep Inducing Tips

There may be some who will follow all of these tips and yet will find hard-time getting sleep. For them, we have some suggestions that work for some night shift workers.

  • Put Lavender Salt In Hot Water Bath
  • Use Cedarwood Oil On The Bottom Of Feet
  • Use Lavender in Diffuser
  • Drink Sleepy chamomile Tea
  • Use meditation app like Headspace
  • Listen to white music on youtube
  • Use a White noise machine
  • Wear comfortable pajamas

7. Take Medicine in Moderation

I know there will be days you will need sleeping tablets to induce sleep. Short-term usage of melatonin is not harmful and is commonly used by grave-shift yard workers, but it has some side-effects if continued for long. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

If nothing works and you’re having a hard time getting quality sleep during day-time, you should consult a doctor.

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