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Relaxing your mind  sometimes during the bedtime  can be a challenge for each of us. Anxiety is also a common reason why getting sleep can be difficult at times. But if the anxiety during sleep persists for long, then it is a serious matter that needs attention.

In this blog post, we will cover the causes, effects and solutions to stop anxiety before sleep. We will discuss some amazing tips that you will find helpful to effectively stop your anxiety during bedtime.


Causes Of Anxiety Before Sleep

Anxiety at night is worse than daytime. It is difficult going to sleep. Sometimes you wake up at the middle of the night. And then you think about not getting proper sleep and before you know, it’s already morning!

There are many causes of anxiety before sleep. But it mainly happens because of all the worries we have accumulated during the day time. It starts to come in our mind when it finds us empty during sleep. When you are alone in a dark room lying on your bed with your worries it’s obvious that you are not going to get sleep.

Effects And Symptoms Of Nighttime Anxiousness

Anxiousness is when you are trying to sleep but you are getting disturbed both mentally and physically. Lets see some of the problem encountered by nighttime anxiety sufferers.


Sometimes when you are on your bed you find yourself tossing and turning around seeking for a comfortable position to sleep. This is when your body refuses to get sleep. This makes you sweaty, makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel like not sleeping.

In winter it happens most of the time that when you are under your blanket you feel hot and as soon as you remove your blanket you start feeling cold. This is because of the anxiety.

This discomfort generally makes you keep awake and grows your negativity inside you.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is characterized by sweating, increase in heartbeat, rapid breathing and chest pain. These symptoms can be disturbing because it is similar to the symptoms of heart attack.

Panic attacks can occur at anytime.Panic attack before sleep is not as same as the panic attack during the day time.


Nightmare can disturb our sleep by waking us up in the midnight, and it becomes more dangerous if the nightmare is bad. It literally frightens you so much that you won’t be able to sleep the whole night.


Sometimes you experience anxiety because of the weird sensation you get while trying to sleeping. The people suffering from stress are more prone to this feeling because their body jolts them right before the sleep. Scientist have not yet been able to know the cause for this, but they say it’s harmless.

The belief is that our body thinks that we are going to die that is why they wake us up. But when we wake up we realize it’s nightmare so we get calm but it is not possible for us to get sleep at that time.


Effects And Symptoms Of Nighttime Anxiousness

Effects And Symptoms Of Nighttime Anxiousness

How To Minimize Anxiety And Maximize Sleep

To avoid sleep disorder we can try many things, like changing our sleep habits, decrease our mental and physical stress level. Let’s take a look at some of the measure or steps we can take to control it.

Put Of Screen Before Sleep

Experts says that before an hour of going to sleep we should put off everything and should not get engaged in something which can keep us awake. We should turn of the lights of our room. We can put on the dim lights which make our mind prepare that it is our sleep time.

Pick A Bedtime

We can pick a bedtime for yourself and be regular to bed at that time.  The body also gets familiar to that routine. This way we can maintain a good sleep health for us.

Reserve Your Bed For Sleep

We should avoid doing anything rather than sleeping on bed. The more we associate our bed for sleep the more our brain gets used to it the faster we fall asleep.

Get Up And Walk Around

If you feel that you are not able to sleep due to anxiety, don’t keep yourself lying down in the bed. Associate yourself in some other work like cleaning the house or reading a book.


Anxiety before sleep , if it continues for a long time it is bad for health.So, we have seen the steps how we can try to stop anxiety. If you think you can add up some tips to it please feel free to comment under the comment section.


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