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In this article we will go through Ten Small Bedroom Hacks For Better Sleep

All of us spend one-third of our life in our bed. It is not necessary that all the time spent on bed is for sleep. Sometimes we lie awake on our bed finding it difficult for us sleep. Well bedroom should be designed in such a way that it should be conducive to sleep.

Whenever it comes to interior designing our bedroom is often last in the list. This is our mistake. We always put all our intention in designing the  drawing room and leave our bedroom on the basis that nobody sees it expect us.

Keep Your Bedroom Cold

It’s always been a problem for one to sleep in a too hot or a too cold place. We should try to keep our bedroom temperature between 22 degree to 28 degree Celsius. The temperature act as an important agent in our daily sleep.

Try Separate Blankets In A Shared Bed

If you are sleeping with your partner on the bed and he/she is always pulling the blanket towards themselves, it makes it difficult for you sleep.

So, it’s better that you use separate blankets in a shared bed and sleep comfortably.

Try To Stay Away From Caffeine On Bed

Before going to sleep we should avoid the intake of caffeine as it boost the power to keep you awake.

Wash Your Pillows

We should wash our pillows to keep it clean and free from allergens. Allergies can also be one of the reason to keep us away from sleep.

Turn off bright light

The most important reason is that any light source can disrupt the melatonin level of the brain. Improper melatonin can cause some serious sleep problems. Not only you should turn off your bedroom lights, but also avoid any sort of light emitting electronics.

Give your brain rest

Most people have the habit of using their mobile phones in bed, or checking their emails, or talking to their partners, during night. By this way, your  brain activity continues to work. This will not keep your brain at rest and you will find harder to get sleep.  And your brain needs to wind and prepare for sleep. So, avoid all sort of social activity and actions in bed.

Choose the right pillow

Every people has their own set of choice for their pillow. Some prefer soft pillow while other feel feel comfortable with firm pillow. Comfortable pillow is one the important factor for a good quality sleep. Side sleepers like to choose firm pillow to cushion their neck. People who sleep front sided prefer soft pillow. Back sleepers prefert medium support pillow to get better sleep. Hence, one should choose pillow.

Choose your bedroom colour wisely

There are some colours which promote sleep and some that doesn’t. There is direct relation between colour intensity and your brain. Some colour makes your brain vigorous, while some of them sooth your brain, and gives you a relaxing feelings. In easy words, the softer the shade of your bedroom, the more relaxing it will make you feel. Pale blue is one of the best colour for your bedroom to sooth your mind.

Choose your mattress wisely

Like pillow, your mattress is also one of the important factor that affects your sleep. Depending on your comfortable condition, either it can promote your sleep or can distract you from sleep. A good mattraices is such, which is soft and comfortable for your body, where your shoulder and hips sinks in, to give you a good comfortable position. Mattress are made from breathable material, so that you do not feel hot. But if you are suffering from allergies, you should look for hypoallergenic mattress.

Spray lavender on your bed

Lavender is unique substance which affects your brain to give you a soothing pleasure. It relaxes your brain and body, and helps in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

You can also make your own lavender spray. Combine two cups with water, with two cups of vodka, and 15- 16 drops of lavender oil and put the mixture in spray bottle.


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