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There are many ways of weight gain and one of its way is insomnia, a sleep deprivation problem. If you are wondering how insomnia causes weight gain, then you must read this.


Insomnia is having difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep. Even if the person has the chance to go to sleep, they can not do it. People who are suffering from insomnia cannot be satisfied with their sleep, and they can experience one or more of the following symptoms, like difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, lack of energy, unstable mood, and weight gain. Out of which weight gain is one of the major issue which people most find common in.


Generally, there are two types of insomnia, one is acute insomnia, which happens because for short circumstance and does not last for more than a week. And another is chronic insomnia, which generally occurs for a long time.


In acute insomnia, weight gain cannot be a threat, as it does not last for a longer period, but in chronic insomnia weight gain can be a critical issue, as it affects your personal life. Gaining weight can affect you in a lot of ways, from diabetes, heart strokes, heart disease, to common ailments such as gout and gallstones. Gaining weight can also lead you to depression.


How insomnia affect weight gain

Weight gain is the indirect cause of insomnia. To explain this, let us take an example. A man suffering from insomnia, have not slept peacefully last night. Today while working in the office, he is feeling lazy so he go for a cup of coffee to boost his energy. Later after coming back to the office, he hits the gym as a daily part of his routine, but since due to lack of sleep which results in lack of energy, he skips the gym early and comes back to home. Now he doesn’t have the energy to cook the food so he moves to his bed and now he is struggling again for sleep due to insomnia. In this full period of the day, as he is finding lack of energy in himself, he automatically goes for a pack of chips or other fast food or junk food with high-fat content. Though this type of food can give him initial energy and may kill his hunger for a shorter period of time but it had affected his waistline and health of the body. So he continues with this routine and after a long period, he gained enough fat which results in weight gain.


So from insomnia and lack of sleep, which later changed to deprivation, then change to lack of energy which then attracts high-fat content food, and then consuming fat, and finally weight gain. This is how insomnia indirectly affects one’s body weight and gain in the weight.


Scientific Reason for weight gain

Now let’s come to the scientific way of how insomnia causes weight gain, according to many doctors, there are two types of hormones in the body, which links the body weight with insomnia. Before explain this let us understand how insomnia or sleep deprived in proportional to body weight.

 According to a survey, an average man needs 7.5 hours of sleep so if he cannot give his body enough time to sleep, say if he is able to sleep for only 5 hours a day which means he is going to gain weight. In the same way, if someone is sleeping for 10 hours then the person is going to lose weight. The reason behind this phenomenon is the action of metabolism in the body.  Our metabolism work when we fall asleep so if we don’t give enough time for the metabolism to work, then metabolism won’t be able to break the food present in the body. This will lead to weight gain.  

Another factor is nightly hormones which I mentioned earlier, the ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is the ‘go’ hormone which tells us when to eat and when we are sleep deprived we have more ghrelin mean we need more food to eat. Leptin is another hormone which tells us when to stop eating, so when we are sleep deprived,  we have less leptin. In an easy word we can say, more ghrelin and less leptin can cause weight gain.


The solution of weight gain

There are many ways to solve this problem. The main point is one has to stick to its solution. Some of the best way to avoid insomnia and sleep disorder is avoiding caffeine  before sleep as it inhibits the person for asleep. The other solution is avoiding high-fat content foods or other foods which are not good for health. Drink as much water as one can because water increases metabolism efficiency and hence food can break down more easily. Go to bed early, though at initial times it is difficult to get asleep but early to bed can create the environment for sleep. Avoid all connections with virtual world during sleep time. And live stress free and positive life. Studies shows that positive way of thinking can give you positive life, and therefore it relieves the tension and worries from the brain. Good exercise and workouts can also help to get rid of sleep deprived.

By following few simple things one can easily get rid of insomnia and can live a happy life once again without getting worried about weight gain.

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