Mattress Sag

Why Do Mattresses Sag?

The most common cause of mattress sagging is low-quality mattress components. To save money and increase profits, many manufacturers lower costs on wood and other elements like springs. These inferior materials, on the other hand, lack the resilience and endurance required to withstand the wear and strain of one or two bodies sleeping on the same mattress every night for several years. Your mattress will droop prematurely if it has a poorly built foundation or frame. The foundation is designed to keep your mattress from sagging or sinking by acting as a support structure. Any liquids, such as water or other fluids, have the potential to damage your mattress’s upholstery, forcing the top layers of material to compress. The support structure, such as the bed frame can be a major culprit of sagging mattress. If the bed frame itself is sagging, the mattress is bound to sag. Poor center supports, old or damaged coils, old/inferior/wrong box spring or foundation causes a sag. Nothing should give or bow beneath the mattress when weight is applied to it, if it does your mattress will sag.

No matter your body weight your body will eventually make an impression on the foam. Unless you flip the mattress once in a while, this issue will happen. The inevitable disintegration can only be postponed, not avoided. Yes, weight and pressure have a role in the disintegration process that results in a lasting silhouette of your sleeping area. Stuff such as sweat, skin cells, dirt, oils, saliva, also get into your mattress and slowly start to destroy it with time. A waterproof cover will keep your foams safe for a longer time. If you don’t have a waterproof cover, you should invest in one soon. Mattress is one place you spend a lot of your time at, you must buy one that is durable and comfortable. Investing on a good mattress can definitely lower the chances of mattress sag.

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