Why Gratitude Helps You Sleep Better And Some Quick Tips

It’s easy these days to be ungrateful, right? It’s easy to be ungrateful in a society dominated by the what you have and what you don’t, where money is powerful and equals never attaining happiness. It’s easy not to be grateful if you work too hard yet unable to get somewhere, especially after the failures in life and career.
We need so much that nothing satisfies us. People consider how little they have instead of how much they have that others don’t. If you have a hard time falling asleep at night prime reason can be how you feel anxious or unhappy all the time.


Gratitude Lowers Anxiety
Stress and anxiety can cause problems with sleep or aggravate existing problems. Stress and depression can cause a serious sleepless night as can a wide range of other issues. Sleeping problems are characterized by anomalous sleep patterns which interfere with the physical, mental and emotional workings.

Gratitude is an appreciation and a representation of gratitude and happiness for aspects of your life, large or small. It can be difficult to feel joy when you are anxious. But gratitude helps you feel jou by looking at the positive side of the pictures. Gratitude distract from your anxious thoughts, so that you can look beyond fear and connect to the present time. Even if you feel that you are not a thankful person, you can gently reconnect with inherent gene of gratitude by changing your viewpoint and by practice. When you reflect on what good things you have it takes away your focus from all the painful and difficult aspects of our lives. We have less need to control the future by appreciating the present. So we can relax.

Gratitude Lowers Depression

Depressed individuals may have a number of symptoms of insomnia, including difficulty falling asleep (sleep onset insomnia), difficulty staying asleep (sleep maintenance insomnia), unrefreshing sleep, and sleepiness during the day. Research suggests that people with both these types of sleep deprivation run the greatest risk of developing depression. Expressing gratitude to others, to your own self and to God can induce positive emotions primarily happiness. It is a great way to fight depression if you are suffering from it.

Gratitude Helps You To Look Forward To Tomorrow

Do you have an intense feeling of fear in as the working days arrive? When you think about working on Monday morning, does your depression rush in? When you look forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it you have an easier time sleeping. Have you ever fallen asleep relaxed when you know it’s the weekend tomorrow and you can spend the time watching TV and eating at home? Gratitude can make you happy for your job, your school life or social life in general. The people around you like your colleagues, your loved ones are happy with you and you look forward to seeing the tomorrow.

Gratitude can stop intrusive thoughts
Intrusive thoughts may interrupt your sleep. You might have insomnia when you try to sleep during the night or constantly think about insignificant things and obsessive over them. If you can sleep in peace because of abstract thoughts on the happenings of the day you are not alone. It is something many people suffer from. Gratitude can change your life because it affects the way you think. See, life is about commitment. If you dwell on the negatives of light Gratitude can help you look at the positive side of life and not have as many intrusive thoughts.


Give Compliments And Mean It

It does not take a lot to appreciate someone your their work or complimenting them for something they have put effort into. Think about how you feel when someone compliments you, you feel happy right? When you compliment someone without expecting something in return and see their genuine smile it will make you feel a little better about yourself.

Show Genuine Interest In What Others Have To Say

Listening to others can make you realise how better your own life it. Listening to others is a form of showing gratitude, it is like saying you care enough for them to be patient enough to listen to them.

Be Mindful Of Others’ Feelings

While you must take care of yourself, it is important to also think of others as well. Consider others feelings with your actions and words. Making others upset and angry can put a negative emotion impact on you.

Be Gracious Even When Opposed

Not everyone will agree with everything you do or say but that’s not a reason to be rude. Be polite, listen to their point of view, you never know what they are going through.


Gratitude is a way for people to enjoy their life and be happy with it. A happy person is a relaxed person and it can in turn help you have a good night’s sleep every night.

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